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Hollow Knight Pantheon 5 Speedrun, but I have to finish a Wordle each minute or I die

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Today I’m attempting a speedrunning Wordle challenge in Hollow Knight’s Pantheon 5, a boss rush featuring every boss in the game. If the minute on LiveSplit ends and I haven’t completed a Wordle, I’m forced to end the run. I was playing Wordle on normal difficulty and came up with a neat speedrun strategy to cheese it.

Still, this challenge was definitely one of the most intense challenges I’ve done due to having to juggle two different games at once with the threat of instantly losing the entire run. And you have to be really consistent. It’s super easy to just brain fart and die. Had so much fun with this though, might try a similar run in the future.



Hollow Knight Gods & Nightmares – White Defender
Metal Gear Solid 4 OST – Infinite Loop
Cave Story OST – Mischievous Robot
VVVVVV OST – Positive Force
Dustforce OST – Cider Time
Final Fantasy VII OST – Hurry!
Nier Automata OST – Bipolar Nightmare (Instrumental)
Yoshi’s Island OST – Goal & Score


Now that I’m a full time content creator, I can finally put all my energy into posting more awesome Hollow Knight content than ever before. If you want to support me in this endeavor, I would greatly appreciate it.




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  1. dude, you seriously need silksong to come out

  2. Not only is he crazy good at HK, he's pretty crazy good at the wordles too. I actually thought the first 4 words were being autofilled at first just because of how quickly and cleanly he was typing them in.

  3. Finally, something mom and I can enjoy together! But what Wordle are you using that has difficulties and more than one puzzle a day? My mom's addicted to Wordle and I'd love to steer her in the right direction!

  4. Oh fire, how do I become a god gamer like you at hollow knight.

  5. dude it takes me longer than that just to finish one wordle and ur over here speedrunning hollow knight and doing wordle at the same time

  6. I think we need silk song just so fireborn can live a normal life again

  7. Which should I get, Carefree melody or max grimmchild?

  8. i see fire looking all surprised elder hu did stairs 3 times and im sitting here like… so you dont get 8 stairs every time you fight elder hu?

  9. Lol, vvvvvv ost. I know not many people know it, but it's pretty fun, and I really love the soundtrack

  10. fire: Today were doing absolute radiance while jumping off a plane

  11. I made the most inhuman noise at the way you said "…shart?"

  12. fireborn was known for speedrunning hollowknight now hes a wordle speedrunner

  13. Back in the day you'd dress urself in leather and you'd pay a women to beat the fuck out of you to indulge such desires

  14. I think he was using an invincibility mod for the wordle

  15. These hollow knight speedrun are getting out of hand

  16. i see hollow knight gamers with their silly little challenges & can only imagine what kind of a mental state must a person be in to do something like this. anyway how about.quordle next

  17. So sillsong needs to be ready soon otherwise people are gonna start doing stuff like 2 any radiances while doing trial of the Gods with 3 pure vessels

  18. If you every try something like this again, I've seen people have more luck with Tubes, Fling, Champ, and Wordy.

  19. Run illegitimate; you didn't complete a Wordle in the 27th minute!

  20. 3:54 shoutouts to the best portal 2 speedrunner in the biz if you know you know

  21. The Hollow Knight community has gone insane I swear, this is peak multitasking.

  22. I think the most interesting part of this challenge is the inability to pause. Having to actively avoid the boss while you try and solve the wordle brings the difficulty to the extreme!

  23. Me failing at both wordle and p5

  24. even his typing speed is godly how many times did he write those four words when he was practicing

  25. someone give this man silksong already LMAO

  26. Team cherry screaming bc they didn't think to add this as a binding

  27. I'm not even the one playing yet my heart beats so fast when I see someone doing P5

  28. what charm combo? i see pride, quick slash, strength and melody

  29. 17:02 there are only two combinations using just color info and oemln isn't word

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