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Written and performed by Don Chang


  1. My favorite thing is that the wordle can’t be a plural word

  2. He got the Wordle in one AND took care of a pregnant wife?! This man's a hero.

  3. I fully expected this to end with his wife walking out and handing him divorce papers because his "I AM A GOD" routine was waking the baby.

  4. Honestly, I'm surprised he's not more excited that the wordle was boobs

  5. At first I thought that his reaction was exaggerated but after I realized that it was completely appropriate

  6. Dang… but like, imagine if they published a record of each previous day's word AND how many individuals got it on the first try… I"m so curious to see the standout words…

  7. Powerful Brennan Lee Mulligan rant energy from this one. I look forward to seeing more of Don's characters!

  8. This was really good, this guy has a lot of good ideas

  9. I don’t remember the name is delivered so perfectly

  10. The chances of getting a Wordle in one go is, if my math is right, 1 in 7,962,624. According to CNET, roughly 300 thousand people play Wordle each day, so it can be assumed that someone out there solves the Wordle off the bat every month or so.

    EDIT: this is assuming you are guessing a random set of letters. It's probably much smaller only considering the words from whatever data set they use.

  11. The scream i scrumpt at "I don't remember the name"

  12. Lmao, ironic. One of the two wordles that I got in one was “BIRTH”

    (And yes I’m definitely also trying show off here with that score)

    Brilliant video!

  13. In all seriousness, boobs is a very risky word to start with. I'd be excited too.

  14. Boobs is a terrible starting word, tbf.

  15. apparently the chances of getting the wordle in 1 are 2,315. Homeboy is literally (statistically) 1 of 3,407,343 people who got the wordle in 1–he's 1 of 2,231,317 if you don't count people under the age of 20.

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