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Have all my hopes of solving this #wordle FLOWN away?

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving the Wordle for Monday, January 24th.
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  1. I started using stern and my last 3 i used it and got all of them in 3 tries i would rcommend

  2. Start with vozhd brick waqfs jumpy and glent that’s a really good start
    Please use this 😊

  3. I didn’t even know that word I just guessed. That was literally my first Wordle.

  4. Most boring way of playing Wordle. Imagine aiming for 4-5 guesses. Omegalol

  5. First day I did wordle! Will always remember knoll!!

  6. Try ADIEU as the starting word – lots of vowels!

  7. i got cumin the first guess after my starting word braid

  8. No matter what I always start with ADIEU and then follow up with FORTH. It gives me alot to work with most times

  9. Can you try sweardle it's for swear words if you do that kind of thing

  10. day 6 of asking for “below” as a starting word

  11. I feel like it’s cheating to get a letter and then not use that letter in your next word

  12. I usually start with 'thorn' and then 'pause', it removes most of the common consonants and vowels

  13. Try my strategy I use audio then I use style

  14. Roger didn’t break a record this year did he

  15. fun fact: i broke my phone screen on this wordle day. i didn’t get it right, and then kinda accidentally slammed my phone on the table, when it cracked

  16. You should do the last days word as the first word also I’ve been doing Glent brick jumpy and vozhd and I get it every time I didt it today and got it with the three letters easily

  17. This was the first wordle I ever did. Of course, I failed

  18. How about use Brick, Glent, Vozhd, Jumpy and Waqfs. Uses every letter apart from x. Good challenge.

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