Guessing Giratina in Pokémon Wordle! -

Guessing Giratina in Pokémon Wordle!

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  1. 6v6 but any legendary becomes diglett but any ground type becomes groundon

  2. 6v6 but if it's fully evolved it turn to it's base form

  3. 6v6 but you roll a dice to see how many Pokémon each side gets, then roll a dice to see how many legendarys each side gets

  4. Day nineteen of asking for say it with me children 1v1 but every Pokémon is wooper

  5. 6v6 But every fire type turns into zacian

  6. 6v6, but physics: Every Water type becomes Vanillite, every Ice type becomes Slugma, and Castform and Arceus becomes each other (lol)

  7. 6v3 but i have primal ground primal kyogre and mega rayquaza

  8. 6 vs 1 but we have a regigigas without slow start

  9. Day 69420 of asking for a 6v6 but every Pokémon from gen 5 and higher becomes flapple

  10. 6v6 but if it's Gen 5 or less, it becomes Mega Ray Ray

  11. 6v6 but all normal types are Bidoof and Bidoof is OP

  12. Voidbear, AKA FNAF and Undertale can be friends says:

    I feel like squirdle should auto blackout dark type when you figure out it's gen 1 lol

  13. 6v6 but first stage become final stage and visa versa

  14. Can you do 6v6 any non legendary becomes feraligtr

  15. Pokemon 5v5 but all duel types are mega rayray

  16. Idea: 4 v 3 but I get a dynamax eternatus, and if you get an ice type i lose the eternatus and another pokemon of your choice

  17. ,6v6 but any Pokemon that can mega evolve has to mega evolve


  19. 6 v 2 against my Giratina and Dialga, but your team is all mythical pokémon

  20. 6v6 but if a Pokémon isn’t fully evolved it becomes a mega reqaza or mewtwo

  21. 6v6 but if the English and German name of a Pokémon is the same it becomes a Dialga

  22. 6V3 but I have legendary and mythical but you have Rayquaza mewtwo and HOPA

  23. 2v6 (I’m the 2) but I have giratina origin form and mimikyu

    I’ll sub if your up to it.

  24. 2v2 legendary (and mythical) but any flying type is MEGA RAYRAY pls man

  25. 6v6 but if it’s not from gen 1 it’s mega rayquaza

  26. Day 2 of asking 3v3 but any red pokemon are rattata

  27. PYour 6 Legendaries but I have all the Ultra Beasts

  28. 6v6 but every mythical becomes mage rayquaza💀

  29. Do 6v6 but its a evolve it become a steel type too not evolved

  30. Maybe every fire, water and grass type turn into bidoof

  31. 2v6 but you get any 3 mythical of your choosing other than mine (no legendary) and I get victini and eternamax eternatus

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