Forget Wordle, try WORLDLE #shorts (Guess the country) -

Forget Wordle, try WORLDLE #shorts (Guess the country)

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Forget Wordle, try WORLDLE #shorts (Guess the country) Geography Wordle


  1. Next thing you know instead of Wordle there is gonna be Dragle 😂

  2. When I saw the country I said yemen but it was not

  3. Liberia is not the in the north of africa the north of africa he was talking about is the libya .😂😂😂😂😂.him:lets try the northern africa .his answer liberia .me:libya is norrthern liberia is western

  4. Liberia looks like a baby in a pram

  5. Am I a nerd for in 000.1 seconds shouting Liberia

  6. The way you said “worldle” in what sounded like an American accent….

  7. "You've heard of wordle, but have you heard of WHORL – DLE


  9. Jack:”Northern Africa”
    Also Jack:”LIBERIA” 💀

  10. It's so funny to see he just guessing random countries actually already knowing the true country it is from lol 😂😂

  11. I was thinking Liberia when he said Bhutan, And guess what?

  12. why anyone watches u be so shit at something i will never understand

  13. Jack: Let's try Nothern Africa: Liberia

  14. For a a few minutes I thought that was Peru flipped on its side

  15. When you instantly recognize that it is liberia:

  16. I play globle, worldle, Wordle at school every day

  17. Me: El Salvador

    Jack: Nicaragua

    I look 👁️👄👁️

    Me: WHAT

    Answer Liberia

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