Five 'Magic Words' that will solve Wordle every time -

Five ‘Magic Words’ that will solve Wordle every time

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One of the world’s top crossword puzzle writers shares his system to ‘game’ the game.


  1. Ideally I want to get it in three. At the moment, my 3rd try is just ahead of 4. I start with SOARE, still waiting for a 1!

  2. He’s playing the long game. I have no interest in solving wordle in six attempts. That’s for the brain dead. I game to solve it in three attempts……maximum.

  3. This guy plays on EASY mode. Of course he gets it!

    This isn’t even the best method of solving wordle “every time.”

  4. How to take all the fun out of Wordle in 3 minutes 20 seconds. I think his 'method' sucks. What if the letters you discover after entering 5 answers can be anagrammed into one or more alternatives? Play in hard mode matey, see how good you are then.

  5. My average score, after 500+ games is 3.75. I am happy to keep the average below 4.0 and I strive to get it down to 3.5. I don't think I'll ever get there. And to those that say you must be cheating if you guess it in one try, I have guessed it in one try twice, lemon and slate. Thirty nine times in two tries. I love statistics.

  6. The only problem with this strategy (regardless of the words chosen) is that you aren't solving it until the sixth line. In this case, you rack up less points. Wordle awards points by number of attempts. My goal is to solve it early on, the third row at the latest.

  7. Wordle, at least for me, is not about simply solving every time, or about the time it takes to solve it. It's about solving in the fewest guesses. The way he plays he will never get a better score than the low low scores you get from solving the puzzle using every possible turn. The score I aim for is to solve by the second turn, not the sixth. I solve it virtually every time, but winning at the very last possible turn is almost useless.

  8. Anyone can solve World in six tries. Show us a system that will solve it in three tries, every time, and then I will be impressed.

  9. Sorry to throw a wrench into this but FIGHT CROWD JUMPY BLANK and VEXES cover twenty-four of the twenty-six letters. Or to mix things up a bit: FIGHT CROWS JUMPY BLANK and VEXED. I would add – one can achieve all five letters but type in an anagram of the secret word which means you lose.

  10. If you play Wordle like this, you should use WAQFS, GLENT, BRICK, JUMPY and VOZHD. This gives you 25 out of 26 letters. Or, do as most speedrunners do: chose 3 or 4 words that contain 15 or 20 different letters and solve every Wordle variant within seconds. The world record for Duotrigordle (32 Wordles at the same time) is at 15.56 seconds right now using this tactic.

  11. people don't just want to solve Wordle….they want to solve in the FEWEST amount of tries….so this is a stupid way to solve wordle…

  12. if you use the combination glent, brick, jumpy vozhd, waqfs, you get 25 letters except for x

  13. Wordle is far too easy anyway, even for the average person. It doesn’t take a genius, nor a strategy to consistently beat it 100 times in 100 attempts

  14. I got "askew" in 4/6 and I solve them in 3/6 most of the time.

  15. This way I never would have gotten wordle in 2, 3 or 4 tries. I usually get it in 3 or 4.

  16. If the word is optic or topic you have a 50% chance of getting it using this method.

  17. Try plonk, sawed, crumb and fight to get it in five tries…

  18. I always start with, layer, sight and pound. Works pretty good for me

  19. I usually do teach, frown, guilt, that way I’m finding all the vowels and most of my Consonants.

  20. I don’t want to solve Wordle on the last chance, I want to solve it close to the 2nd and 3rd try. That’s what I shoot for and that takes a lot more smarts that getting it on the last chance!!

  21. A better one is Glent brick jumpy vozhd waqfs it’s gets every letter except x

  22. And the first time I try it I get this:
    1 – BLANK
    2 – GREEN I / YELLOW E
    3 – BLANK
    4 – YELLOW P
    5 – BLANK

    Anyone who guesses that word right the first time without using a word solver gets a gold star…

    The point is – THIS SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK. Thanks for the time waste.

  23. Best first word is SLATE. Depending on those results follow up GROIN or ROUND. Solve on the third or fourth guess every time.

  24. Use words like, zaxes,jumpy,fight, block, drown. We can have 24 letters

  25. This method will not get the word in 3 tries

  26. I always use the same two banker words every time. I aim to solve Wordle in 3 or 4 attempts.
    The banker words use all the vowels and four of the most used consonants. More importantly, the banker words often show green letters, as the positions of the letters in the bankers align with where those letters appear in many words. Sometimes, the first banker will show three letters and depending on which ones are shown, gives the opportunity to go for broke without using the second banker. This allows me to solve the puzzle in 2 or 3 tries. Most of all, be aware of what words have already been used. Entering one that was in an earlier puzzle is not a good move.

  27. In the above example, my two bankers would have returned, A, S & E in green, as they are in the right place for the answer. There are only four non plural words that fit the three letters and exclude those that were shown as grey by Wordle – ASSED, ASHED, ASKED & ASKEW. Time now to use skill to pick the right one, although with four tries left, working through the options would still solve the puzzle in the six tries allowed.

  28. The best words are:
    Jumpy – Waqfs – Glent – Brick – Vozhd

    Using 25/26 letter of the alphabet. The only letter not used is X, I know 2 of them aren't words anyone uses but wordle notices them as words.

  29. Not so clever because the aim of this game is to complete the puzzle in two or three attempts !! Anyone can do it in five Mr CleverClogs Crossword man !! This is a challenge of one's own brain and for a personal challenge only or just for fun with a group of friends – it has nothing to do with winning at all costs by cheating !!

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