Failing Wordle on purpose? #610 (Feb 19, 2023) -

Failing Wordle on purpose? #610 (Feb 19, 2023)

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  1. LIGHT and MATCH are 2 awful traps! They also relate with each other (light a match)!

  2. I wasn't even sure if this is a word in the english language or not but I got it also in 4 after a bit of thinking 😁

  3. NIce. Got my first two of 2023 after NOISE. KIOSK is the only 'real' word left

  4. HATCH and CATCH for a hard challenge- only 4 letters given!

  5. What about TRAIL and SNAIL for the traps theme because the AIL trap at the end

  6. Sushi was a god teir level don't wordle guess 😭

  7. PACER & JUNKY cos of the PA_ER AND THE _UNKY traps

  8. Oh and I have a new theme suggestion: Hiking/Backpacking 😁

  9. Well done! I took six guesses. Couldn’t think of a valid word for my fourth guess so did two fillers.

  10. Tomorrow, start with CRANE (xRAxE) and WASTE (xASTE).

  11. Dang already, what about 3 in a row. What about Anagrams for a theme.

  12. JUDGE and SOUND is what I think it's the 2 newest or most recent traps we come across with.

  13. I failed don’t Wordle today with 105 options left going into the final guess.

  14. For the Wordle traps theme: The BAKER makes FUDGE at the bakery. The horrible AKER and UDGE trap are horrible ones.

  15. Do hater and batch for the -a-er trap and the atch trap

  16. How about PARER and CATCH for the a_er and _atch traps, very 2 bad hard mode traps. These 2 words have also already been the answers and gave a hard time or ruined peoples streaks!

  17. I also thought that kiosk was used before. Took me 4 tries.

  18. in my opinion, the worst traps are _O_ER and _IGHT, so how about Loner and Sight?

  19. Do LUCKY and MUCKY, that was the trap that ended my streak. (And since you apparently like to make it hard on yourself!)

  20. Can you add "Nostalgia" for a theme!
    Words related to nostalgic things!

  21. Nice! Got it in 4. You could do SOUND and LATCH because it’s 10 letters ❤

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