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DrDisrespect and TimTheTatMan Try the HARDEST WORDLE EVER!

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Wo… woo… waa…. WORDLE! YAYA I’m The Worlde Champion

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  1. These two are like a old married couple…😂😂😂

  2. Love it. Timmy does need to have those phrases get counted up. That’d be great

  3. Is this purely editing, or does TIm truly NEVER make an actual point?

  4. Tim the tornado comes in blowin the doors off doc. Jesus lol !

  5. Get a real Job dork the gimic is old

  6. i had trouble with Chief too. tough wordle for sure

  7. Doc is tha man…would be cool to see some rando game play vids with some fans. be some great interactions I bet

  8. Whipz did the wordle for Tenders Doc don’t let 2 Ton speak to you like that

  9. This had me in stitches. Did absolutely nothing and Im dying. Love it

  10. "Not for nothing" and "For what it's worth" Tim says at the start of his sentences about 91% of the time.

  11. This world game had me in stitches on the stream. It was like 20 minutes of comedy gold

  12. One of the best videos I've ever seen. Sick Edit. Love the 2 Time

  13. Definitely need the tim and doc podcast you guys are hilarious

  14. Doc's face when Timmy is talking about CDL is priceless 🤣

  15. Docs lowkey on the money with that last one, no cap W bro. Thoughts?

  16. He's a bandwagoner(tenders), quick to hop on the newest fad in an effort to appear young.
    Soon he'll be a she.

  17. Doc should do a secret Timmy react stream & have a Timmy bingo card

  18. loooool funny that wordle was hard tho jeez lol

  19. Editor was on their A game with this one.

  20. Idk doc, I didn’t get see chief until you typed it

  21. can you guys help me with figuring out how you would spell cytec or zytec because i think that would be a cool gamertag/username

  22. Lost is at the stutter😂😂😂👌🏻

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