Doug plays today's Wordle 749 for 07/08/2023 -

Doug plays today’s Wordle 749 for 07/08/2023

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Contains spoilers for Wordle 07/08/2023 #wordle #puzzle #wordle

If you don’t want the wordle answer today spoiled please don’t watch until you’ve played wordle! Having said that let’s watch Doug play the wordle of the day!

It’s July 8, 2023 and Doug is playing today’s daily Wordle 749! #wordle

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  1. The first guess eliminated R as the first letter

  2. RAISE-YOUTH-PLUMB-DINGY-COVER-COWER. This was a good one to not do on hard mode.

  3. Rower wasn't possible. First guess had R in the first position in yellow.

  4. Wordle 749 5/6

    ⬛⬛⬛🟨🟨 CRANE
    ⬛🟩⬛🟩🟩 LONER
    🟨⬛⬛⬛⬛ WIMPY
    🟩⬛⬛🟩⬛ CUBED
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 COWER

    Great nail-biting solve! It couldn’t have been ROWER because R wasn’t the first letter (it was yellow in RAISE). You also missed VOWER and BOWER, and you mentioned DOWER earlier, which was another possibility.

  5. I went to Coney Island today to hear my brother's band play.
    Word progression:

    Wordle 749 4/6

    🟩🟩⬜🟩⬜ CONEY

    🟩🟩⬜🟩⬜ COMET

    🟩🟩⬜🟩🟩 COVER

    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 COWER

    Word suggestion: CONEY.

  6. Well done, Doug! ROWER was ruled out.
    ⬜🟨⬜🟨🟨 TRACE
    🟩⬜⬜🟩🟩 CHEER
    🟩🟩⬜🟩🟩 COVER
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 COWER

  7. Your play today told me you don't play the card game Euchre. If so, you would be quite familiar with the word BOWER.

    A bower is also an attractive dwelling or retreat. It's also a lady's private apartment in a medieval hall or castle and it's also a shelter (as in a garden) made with tree boughs or vines twined together. It's also an anchor carried at the bow of a ship. So yes, the word BOWER has many meanings.

    However, as it turns out, unless it's been added to the list of valid answers, it's a valid guess only. BOWER was not a part of the original 2,315 word dataset.

    And yes, as others have already pointed out, note that ROWER was not a possible solution, from the clues given from your first guess of RAISE.

    As always, thank you for taking the time to produce these videos.

  8. Phew, Doug! What an escape that was! That was in only 1 in 4 chance on the last row if I find Scoredle data! It is not only 50:50 but there were more options. Nice going.

    WOVEN (That burner saved me)
    COWER (Phew of the sticks)

    Could've ended a streak of 294, still going with 295!

  9. Wordle 749 5/6




    🟨🟩🟨⬜⬜WORDY (Evaluation)


  10. Congrats. Lucky solve. Could also have been BOWER or DOWER 😉

  11. There were actually 5 or 6 valid *OWER words left….BOWER, SOWER, and DOWER are perfectly good words also, so you might have been better off to do an evaluation word that would have eliminated several letters at once, rather than doing it Hardmode-style with *OWER words? MOPED would have narrowed things down, for example. Or BUMPS. Or SCAMP.

    My path was ADIEU->COMFY->COWER

  12. Clump would have been a perfect eval for the 3rd guess

  13. I failed today 😪


  14. You had already tried R in the first position.

  15. Pluto ocean coded cower
    It had a lot of options.

  16. SOARE PINKY TOWER CLIMB COWER Imagine needing two eval words !Wordle 749 5/6






  17. Nail biter for me as well!

    Wordle 749 5/6

    ⬛⬛⬛🟩⬛ ADIEU
    ⬛🟩⬛🟩🟩 TONER, ditch hard mode
    ⬛🟩🟩🟩⬛ VOWEL for eval
    🟩⬛⬛⬛⬛ CAMPS for eval
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 COWER

  18. Hey Doug! For Fearless Friday sometime try Queue

  19. Somehow i got it in 3.

    Wordle 749 3/6

    I knew on 2 that this could be so many options with _O_ER and I just put COWER as my first guess. Guess I was super lucky today

  20. 5 today: Arise, Youth, lower, Cupid, cower

  21. ⬛⬛⬛⬛🟨 SLIME

    ⬛🟨🟨⬛⬛ GREAT

    ⬛⬛⬛🟩🟩 HYPER

    ⬛🟩⬛⬛⬛ FOUND

    🟩🟩⬛🟩🟩 COVER

    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 COWER

    First time i solved it in 6 in this streak

    Current Streak: 40

  22. Wordle 749 3/6

    🟨🟩⬜⬜🟨 ROUTE

    🟩🟩⬜🟩🟩 COVER

    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 COWER

    I discarded my standard 2nd guess (SNAIL) in anticipation of the common trap: _ O _ E R

    COVER was a lucky break, eliminating many of the numerous possibilities.

    Current streak = 529

  23. CLIMB would have been a good strategic 4th guess after POWER, testing for: COWER, LOWER, MOWER, and BOWER

    CLAMP would have also been a good strategic 3rd guess after TONER.

  24. Who else was thinking: "Noooooo! Doug, you do NOT have a 50-50!!!"

  25. Doug – your viewers also need TUMS when we see that you missed something. But solving that puzzle live day after day in a few minutes, is amazing !

  26. You got there Doug! So many options with this one, surprised you didn't do an eval, I had to, and got lucky…. ORATE ROWED PLUCK COWER

  27. Doug PLEASE do “opens” for tmw please

  28. I got cocky on this one & ran out of chances. 😢 starting word: COCKY

  29. These were all potential answers ending in -OWER

    – cower (today)
    – lower
    – mower
    – power (July 24th, 2022)
    – rower
    – sower (July 31st, 2021)
    – tower

    Here are possible guesses but not possible answers
    – bower
    – dower
    – vower

    A nasty one indeed…

  30. As you said 50/50 with rower, I (and others) were screaming, it can't be rower! I didn't think of bower, which is another option. Or mower! Glad I didn't.
    Is it cheating to check a potential guess to see if it's on the Wordle solution list I keep? (Not the master list of answers, but the ones I've seen while playing, and put in a notepad.)
    I didn't, but thought about it, because it felt like there were lots of options.
    raise-sorel-boxer-tower-power-cower was my chain today.

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