Doug plays today's Wordle 624 for 03/05/2023 -

Doug plays today’s Wordle 624 for 03/05/2023

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Contains spoilers for Wordle 03/05/2023 #wordle #puzzle #wordle

If you don’t want the wordle answer today spoiled please don’t watch until you’ve played wordle! Having said that let’s watch Doug play the wordle of the day!

It’s March 05, 2023 and Doug is playing today’s daily Wordle 624! #wordle

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  1. You chose a good third guess, which helped you get a four when it took me five. But, I'm happy with my play today. Still better than seven.froth-toady-tonic-topic-toxic was my chain today.

  2. I love it when the X placeholder reveals a word. I had SLATE, MOUNT, PICKY, TOXIC.

  3. Always a good job, Doug. I screwed up yesterday’s word, but got my mojo back. ABOUT SMILE PINTO FROCK TOXIC.

  4. Doug, I did the same as you did. Using the letter X in the third spot as a place holder gave me today's answer…AUDIO…STORE…and putting the letters T and O in the first and second spots then the letter X for the place holder and the answer came to me TOXIC, I didn't even think of the word TONIC. Hit that thumbs up everyone.

  5. Doug throwin' shade at the J! (Not that it hasn't earned it, being the least common letter in Wordle answers…)

  6. Another 4 for me today:


  7. Great solve Doug! A 3 for me too…. JOIST TOPIC TOXIC

  8. Wordle 624 3/6

    ⬛⬛⬛🟨⬛ Slate
    🟩⬛🟨⬛⬛ Trout
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Toxic


  9. Continuing with musical instruments:
    Word progression:

    PIETY (testing the vowels)

    Word suggestion: SNARE.

  10. Wordle 624 5/6

    ⬛🟨⬛⬛⬛ STARE
    🟩🟨⬛⬛⬛ TIGHT
    🟩🟩⬛🟨⬛ TOUCH
    🟩🟩⬛🟩🟩 TOPIC
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 TOXIC

  11. 3 for me today! Stare, tulip, toxic! Try DREAM for a starting word!

  12. Nearly a "phew" puzzle.
    ⬛⬛⬛🟨⬛ MAYOR

    🟨⬛🟨⬛🟨 CLOUT

    🟩🟩⬛🟩🟩 TOPIC

    🟩🟩⬛🟩🟩 TONIC

    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 TOXIC

  13. Wordle 624 4/6


  14. Great job, Doug! I used your visualization method today and got it in 3/6. ORATE–FLUID–TOXIC

  15. i always start with EXTRA just waiting for a word with an "X", today was my lucky day

    ⬛🟨🟨⬛⬛ EXTRA

    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 TOXIC

  16. Well done, Doug!
    🟩⬜⬜🟨⬜ TRACE
    🟩🟩⬜🟩🟩 TONIC
    🟩🟩⬜🟩🟩 TOPIC
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 TOXIC

  17. Nice work today, Doug. I struggled a little with this one – eventually got it in 6. WHITE – PATIO – ORBIT – STOIC – TONIC – TOXIC

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