Doug plays today's Wordle #307 for 04/22/2022 -

Doug plays today’s Wordle #307 for 04/22/2022

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It’s April 22, 2022 and Doug is playing today’s daily Wordle!

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  1. Wordle 313, so this was not an Earth Day puzzle for me 🤣 Whatever word was after shame was what I had that day.Anywho, I got this in 3 like you. It wasn’t too difficult at all really.Paint (second guess) – A quick lookup on my Word Bank here. I know when the T is placed second it can be hard to find another word were it to turn green, and I remember when looking for words to add when that happened with only the N to accompany, the only possible choice was ATMAN. So yeah, I’m glad it was the other way around where it was the N that turned green because that yielded more options. Paint looked really good because it allows the a and I to be evaluated and tries a new position for the T.Plant – Yep, nothing fancy here. When the I is the only thing that greys, that’s a great chance the word had to be plant.

  2. Idk how I got it in 2 but it went like this OXIDE-PLANT.

  3. You did crack the code, Doug. Lol. I got it in 4:


  4. I should have done a lot better today. Urrg. But, not a seven.
    light-polka-pleat-plant. Totally forgot it was Earth Day. (Bleep)

  5. Guide-alone-plane-plant for me today i should have gotten it in 4 tries lol

  6. Got it in 3 again! Had 4 letters figured out just like yesterday so I was able to do it easily. Finished the wordle in just 30 seconds! EARTH (For Earth Day), SPOIL, PLANT


    It appears that we are getting pretty good at this game, when so many of us got it in 3 just because it was a common everyday word with a common construction.

    I used to think it was difficult and rare to get a Wordle in 3, but I've been doing it more consistently than I expected I would.

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