Doug plays today's Wordle #301 for 04/16/2022 -

Doug plays today’s Wordle #301 for 04/16/2022

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It’s April 16, 2022 and Doug is playing today’s daily Wordle!

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  1. I also got this in 4. Again, we’ll jump to my next guess:Reach (second guess) – Like you, I only had the incorrect E. In this particular case, the words beach and reach come to mind. Sometimes I gravitate towards beach, but today seemed like a reach kind of day, so in went reach.Chief – I was already suspicious a double E was going to be used once the c and h turned yellow; however, I needed a word that would confirm this. I knew chewy could have been an answer because the Y can trip people up sometimes, and I knew the I and U have not been evaluated, so it wasn’t off the table to guess a word with either of those letters. So I thought to myself, if you really want to confirm a double E, then how about chief? This would eliminate chewy. I did however think of the eventual answer here, so I could also have had this in 3.Cheek – This is why I’m glad I went with chief. Now I was certain that cheek would be the answer beyond a shadow of my doubt. Chief just made the job a lot easier.

  2. Hello i am the 1st viewer.
    Start with first.

  3. How do you do the wordle and upload the video 1 minute after it went up?

  4. How about ULEMA for a starting word? Maybe JOINT or JUICY next. I drive around now noting 5 letter words on signs. (No, ULEMA wasn't one of them.) I went to CHEWY as the 3rd guess above. Probably it goes CHEEX and done in 4.

  5. AUDIO-STEEP-WHEEP-CHEER-CHEEK today.. i almost messed up

  6. I have a 3-word combo. BREAD, POINT, LUCKY. you can try this in wordle and/or quordle

  7. You can start wordle with Nasty, gumbo and liver

  8. Great job, Doug. I got it in 4 too. I was gonna say CHECK before CHEEK but then I remembered that I think someone on your comments said that the Wordle today was gonna be CHEEK. How did they know? 🤷🏽‍♂️



    I didn't think about the double-E until it was almost too late.


  11. I spent too much time evaluating words today, so got it in five.
    happy-fling-agape-check-cheek was my chain today.

  12. I got it in the sixth time
    (I just started with the word before one wordle unlimited)


  13. great as always! I like to start with taser!

  14. Today was: CLONE – STEAR – CHEEK. Was down to 4 words for line 3. CHEEK was best option as it would eliminate 3 if it was wrong. I did feel it was either CHEEK or CHECK when I saw the 4 words. (Others were CHEEP and CHEWY). I made a slight tweak to tactic to give it a test run. I use all yellow letters from line 1 on next line, but don't use greened ones. Helped me today.

  15. Hi start with house and flame then brick

  16. No no no no no.

    If you're going to start with SPINE, you might as well start with PENIS, cuz it's the same letters…and everybody knows that penises are almost always more fun than spines.

    My sense of humor is… just awful. I'm so sorry.


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