Doug plays today's Wordle! #289 for 04/04/2022 -

Doug plays today’s Wordle! #289 for 04/04/2022

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It’s April 4, 2022 and Doug is playing today’s daily Wordle!

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  1. As the April 8th puzzle, I started with Sonic and played a Sonic theme with this Wordle in honor of Sonic 2 coming out to theaters.Speed ~ Normally I wouldn’t use this as a guess quite so quick, but since I had the S in the right place, speed would continue the theme.Shark ~ On a normal day, this would have been my 2nd guess. That said, I am glad this was still a possibility. A was one of the only vowels left, and I could evaluate the R. Also, shark is still a word I will always come back to (maybe if it was the word one day I could do this in one guess).Shawl ~ Honestly, there really weren’t many options left as it was, and shall was not only already used, its usage as the answer was only last week. Also, speed actually eliminated shady as an option, so that combined with shark made it very unlikely this would be an adverb. So this could only have been shawl.

  2. PAINT-LORDS-SLAVE-SHALL-SHAWL for me today. Interesting take using 2 words to start today.

  3. I usually start with the word IDEAS and it never fails

  4. Pretty sure that shall was a word a few days back so I was able to avoid that and got shawl in 5. How about using mouse sometime?

  5. Fishy – power – quack – shawn – shawl

    Start with spare.

  6. SHALL in the 5th guess was a wasted attempt as the 4th guess had not returned Green L!

  7. Didn't get the word yesterday but today I got it in 2. Sweat and shawl. Went from really bad luck to really good luck

  8. We had SHALL not that long ago for a Wordle and today we got SHAWL…

  9. One of the cats was staring intently from a hiding spot at one of our other cats when I was thinking of something to start with. STARE – SNACK – SHADY – SHAWL. Having an 'E' unused by line 4 can cause trouble. If you're taking requests for a double opener, I have one I think is a goodie. First word: SITAR, second word: CLONE.

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