Don't be an APRIL FOOL with today's Wordle -

Don’t be an APRIL FOOL with today’s Wordle

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #286 for Friday, April 1st.

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  1. I started with "prank" as my first word and got it in 4!

  2. Start with “xylyl” and “phpht” 🙂

  3. I’m on a long car ride can you start with “ long” and “rides”
    Love the videos

  4. you should start with month erica and plugs

  5. 3 try my friends told me to do water and I was like 😬

  6. I got lucky I also started with fools then went with sound and took a guess and put snout and it worked!happy after that one:)

  7. I started with fools, then stout. Got it right away lol

  8. I used CHINA to figure out which letter it was

  9. My sis birthday is today can you plssss start with sloth

  10. I also originally want to start with "april", then "fools". But wordle doesn't accept april so i start with fools

  11. Lol I had the same thought process at the beginning and tried to start with April then did fools.

  12. I started with snout at school today and was very shocked… needless to say that was my first time I ever got a wordle first try

  13. ʅnoSʅɐʇɹoᥕɹno⅄ǝɯnsuoϽʅʅᴉϺI says:

    Can you start with Glent, brick, jumpy, vozhd, and waqfs?

  14. If you put in the words vozhd, Glent, waqfs Jumpy, and brick it eliminates every single letter but x.

  15. when I'm not using "fjord waltz nymph quick gibes" or "brick glent jumpy vozhd waqfs" I usually use serai as start

  16. I got today’s in 4 started with swear and pilot then I just thought oh SHOUT and then first word that came of after was snout

  17. this channel is kinda bad. like i never watch these videos.

    (i am so sorry for anyone i possibly offended I did not mean it 🙅!!!!!)
    edit: never stop making videos i need my daily dose of short videos (so i dont procrastinate) that have good quality content 😔

  18. Wordle fooled me the first time I used it today by making the thing 10x smaller

  19. Day 11 of saying to do rains train drain grain and brain

  20. I got it in 4 guesses, but I decided to not play hard mode today.
    My words went: "Lucky ➡ Farms ➡ Sough ➡ Snout"

  21. Try 'alien' and then 'youth' as your staring words.

  22. Man, 100% win rate. That’s crazy….mines 99% but still

  23. I've been getting really lucky the last two days
    Both times I got it pretty quickly and then realized afterwards that there could have been so many other options with one letter off

  24. I did "cards" and then "shout" so I was quick to figure out the "s out" but I'm an idiot and when going through the options I said that "snout" isn't a word 🤦🏼‍♂️ so then I went "spout" "stout" "smout" and on the last one I realized how stupid I was and put "snout"

  25. I got cucked hard… I forgot snout was a word and guessed "smout" randomly (Didn't even know that was a word!)

  26. Literally exact same as me. I went APRIL then it didn’t register, then went FOOLS, ADIEU, SHOUT, SCOUT, STOUT, SPOUT and didn’t think it would be SNOUT

  27. I started with radio then month then notes then stoln then snoot and then snout

  28. Hey Scott! Ive always started with a rather long winded opening, hoping you could give it a shot. Its "adieu", "night", "mocks", then if im stumped I do "plyer"

  29. Some decent words I put for my first moves are quote, nymph, flack, and brigs. It uses almost all of the letters.

  30. I started with nails and route, so I got all 5 letters yellow then got it on my third.

  31. Start your next wordle with phone hopes and March for absolutely no reason at all

  32. After I figured out that it was an s_out word, I first would have guessed snout, so then if it is wrong I can type in "chops", and figure out the word by which letter of "chops" is yellow.

  33. Please try the starter ‘Pearl’ it’s my starter word and it’s only ever failed once

  34. I start with “glent” then “brick” then “jumpy” then “vozhd” and then “waqfs” because they use 25 out of 26 letters separately

  35. I had SXOUT and guessed the N for snout on my sixth try

  36. Hey Scott! I challenge you to start your wordle with 25 unique characters leaving you with only 1 guess to guess the word. Use these words: Glent, brick, jumpy, vozhd and waqfs. These words have been tried and tested and they all work – good luck!

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