Does closing my eyes work again? #Wordle #Shorts -

Does closing my eyes work again? #Wordle #Shorts

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(Spoilers 288) For fun, I start with the previous two day’s words!

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  1. Try Resin Then Aloft, they are usually my starting words 😁

  2. Just stumbled upon your page and these videos are so relaxing and calming. Keep up the great work 🙂

  3. Man that was so close! The start was really hard but you still did amazing!! I love your videos 🙂

  4. I failed that day to and my last guess was also fever

  5. At least now i know that you don't cheat no problem man

  6. Hey what’s your keyboard can you send me the Amazon link?

  7. Try “salet”. I think it is a piece of medieval headwear. It has quite a few good letters.

  8. I hate 50/50 situations like this, it's how I got my first loss from LOWLY.

  9. Bruh he did all that and now his first lose he got to 288 before lose

  10. sometimes when you start with the previous days it sometimes can work but they don’t always have enough common letters and normally the word is completely different than the other days before

  11. 🍀Daxx Kuczenski pinecone gang🍀 says:

    man you probably got a fever cause you needed fewer guesses

  12. This was my first ever fail too


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