Did you study for this Wordle? #574 (Jan 14, 2023) - wordle.plus

Did you study for this Wordle? #574 (Jan 14, 2023)

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Spoilers for Wordle 574 (Jan 14, 2023)

Play Wordle here:

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  1. The PRINTing PRESS was invented in medieval times

  2. Day 4 of suggesting Daily Word Games for a theme.

    A Question for Rangsk: Why isn't it in the wheel?

  3. FEAST and NIGHT. Medival Times is a place where you get a feast and watch knights duel it out to see who would win. It’s quite fun

  4. Omg I got picked!
    That wordle was tough, I got stuck in the OA trap. Nice solve though!

  5. Future theme suggestion: Two bad starting words.

  6. JOUST & LIEGE because good letters are for amateurs.

  7. For the medieval theme… I'm sure they like to JOUST with a LANCE.

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