Definitely not a SUPER wordle -

Definitely not a SUPER wordle

Scott Stro-solves
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I’m Scott Strosahl, and today I’m solving the NotWordle for Feb 12th. #NotWordle is totally not just another variation of #Wordle with different clues…

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  1. I got it in 4 too, pretty cool wordle spin-off.

  2. You haven’t done many duotrigordle’s in a while! I really like them! You should do todays, maybe speddrun it and start with my good start but not great start that I’ve never used for a duotrigordle “Chose, Brail, Thunk”

  3. You forgot to click the show word ladders but it’s ok!

  4. Also it seems like your stats reset on Not Wordle too?

  5. Can you play Quordle and Octordle there very interesting today.

  6. You should try todays Squaredle, I think it’s very interesting today.

  7. Hi Scott, you should try today's Don't Wordle. It was very interesting.

  8. Can you play the quordle and octordle they were interesting

  9. For the wordle do eagle and chief for the Super Bowl today

  10. Start a wordle with answers from Notwordle and Dont wordle!

  11. Congratulations, this looked pretty tricky with the words you chose. The only clues I see are useful is the Scrabble Score, being too high or too low as well and if it's towards A or Z. Also the typica- I mean… how many greens or yellows you get in each row, this isn't like Wordle after all.

  12. Nice solve! I think NURSE would've worked too (idk abt commonality but other than that it fits the clues)

  13. How do you go from LORES to ROTOR in four steps on a word ladder? O stays, other four letters change once each. So is the next word going to be RORES, LOTES, LOROS OR LORER? Then what?

  14. Great solve! This game can be really tough in self-imposed "hard mode", guessing only words that are possible. Sometimes it's faster to go mostly by the alphabet clue.

    I had a lucky solve, quickly eliminating AEIUDNLS by two all-grey guesses. I got it on the 4th guess in 3:15.

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