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Code Wordle in Scratch!

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Code a Scratch adaptation of Wordle, the viral game that’s captured the imagination of millions of casual gamers all over the world. This is first chapter in a 7-part tutorial series called Dev Diary, where we’ll be taking a deep dive into the software development process, examining the challenges and setbacks of game development as we work on a project in small steps.

Join veteran technology educator Andrew Tomec this week as he puzzles through how to get Scratch to detect keyboard inputs without having to use a different sensing block for each letter of the alphabet.

Here’s a link to Mr. T’s Scratch file, which you can use to follow along with his code:

Chromeworks is a teacher-led, non-profit initiative aimed at transforming children from passive consumers of technology into active creators. Our camps, in-school workshops and YouTube content harness kids’ natural love of video games and challenge learners to make ever more complex projects that inspire growth and learning.


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