Can cake help you solve Wordle? -

Can cake help you solve Wordle?

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(Spoilers 349) For fun, I start with the previous two day’s words and use a viewer suggestion for my 3rd!

Play Wordle here:

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  1. What third word should I use tomorrow after SHOWY and PHASE?

    Also, join my word games, puzzles, and geoguessr streams! I stream right here on YouTube from 7pm-9pm Pacific Time every night except Fridays. Subscribe and ring the bell to get notifications for when I go live!

  2. bro you should use 'alike' because you look so much like my best friend from high school which is one of the main reasons why you are my favorite lol

  3. Try BUILT or GUILT because they have both of the remaining vowels and common consonants.

  4. i have a nothing bundt cakes near me. so damn good

  5. BUNDT is a good guess if you do it purely for the information (since it seems to be accepted), but it's probably a bit too "proper noun" to really ever be part of the solutions word list. Happy to be proved wrong, though!

  6. For a challenge you should do “never” “going” “gives” “yours” “above”

  7. what about GUILT or BUILT? both would get good letters

  8. My starting word is phone so I got it in 2 today 🙂

  9. I’m not sure if it’s local or not either but I live near a nothin Bundt cakes as well

  10. Again, I think “Until” will be great!

  11. You should use my starting word, front. It has common letters and a vowel.

  12. Hey Rangsk! For tomorrow, you should do "FRUIT" since it has both vowels, as well as an f, r, and t which are really common consonants.

  13. Subbed to you and your sister's YouTube accounts, I appreciate what both of you guys do! 😀

  14. Do “great” “tuber” because you are lol!

  15. I HIGHLY suggest for EVERYONE to check out Rangsk's sister's which is named "GeoJesser"! She makes content like Rangsk's so its DOUBLE the entertainment!

  16. I would recommend using the word Xylyl for your third because it is a great challenge

  17. There are a few Nothing Bundt Cakes where I live

  18. Can I be a member gifted please remember I was muhammad said I just changed my name

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