Build Wordle for iOS with Swift (2022 - Game) -

Build Wordle for iOS with Swift (2022 – Game)

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In today’s video we will be building the popular word game, Wordle. We’ll be working programmatically using UIKit and Swift to build the UI, hook up logic, and talk through various ways to extend the project.

Share your wordle game board in the comments!

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  1. Wow new videos daily. Thanks keep them coming

  2. These colors of the Ukrainian flag are not accidental?;) Thanks for the video!

  3. please continue with the series where you recreate other apps! Enjoyed it!

  4. yoo keep this content up!!!!!!! More algorithms and interview prep too plzzzz.

  5. It turned out super interesting, we are waiting for the continuation!

  6. Please create the enter and backspace button. Just subscribed !

  7. Would appreciate if able to have another video regarding this to show us how can we add in the respective keyboard cell colors same with the boardVC.

  8. please explain how to code the logic to deals with double letters in the answer/guess. This basic code has many bugs that I think would be very interesting to show how to fix!

  9. I'm wondering how you learned to create iOS apps in Xcode, aside from a lot of practice. Did you take classes at a university that taught you Swift in Xcode, or are you completely self taught from books, practice, and video tutorials? Thanks.

  10. When doing the keys[section].count it tells at me saying there is no count in character, though it works when doing keys.count
    Why can that be? I can't happen to fix it lmao

  11. You are very smart, but you are going very fast. Try to slow down a bit.

  12. Hey there, nice video! Pls make a part 2…waiting eagerly

  13. Gets Error at 14:36 when i do:

    func collectionView(_ collectionView: UICollectionView, cellForItemAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> UICollectionViewCell {
    guard let cell = collectionView.dequeueReusableCell(withReuseIdentifier: KeyCell.identifier, for: indexPath) as? KeyCell else{
    return cell

    Error at:
    return cell –> says "Cannot convert return expression of type 'KeyCell' to return type 'UICollectionViewCell' "

    I can't find any solution online either. Please help

  14. Awesome contents and thanks for the tips and tricks 👍

    I'm a Swift newbie and I've been seeing different ways of achieving the same result. Question: when composing the UI Elements, instead of using elements from the Library and then setting constraints using the Attribute Inspector, why did you do it differently?

    Again 🙂 👍

  15. @ 30:41 "error 'KeyboardViewControllerDelegate' not found in scope" how do I fix this

  16. thank you . seems strange to me that we have to manually calculate the insets to justify the content. Is there nothing equivalent of CSS align / justify?

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