Build a Wordle Clone Using OutSystems -

Build a Wordle Clone Using OutSystems

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It’s hard to escape the Wordle mania these days. This “one word a day” puzzle has taken social media by storm, even generating an eye-popping buyout by a major US media organization.

OutSystems developer advocate Rui Barbosa explores whether it’s possible to make a game like Wordle with OutSystems, and shows what that might look like (spoiler alert…it’s fun to create AND fun to play!).

Rui’s NeoWordle game can be found on the Forge here –

And there’s a companion blog post, which you can read on Medium here –

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00:00 – Intro
00:18 – What is Wordle?
01:30 – Demo: Creating Wordle in OutSystems
02:12 – The UI
02:55 – The Data Model
04:10 – The Logic
06:26 – More on the UI
08:42 – Finishing the Game
09:03 – Wrap-up

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  1. Are you a Wordle fan? Are there other word games you love that would make a good candidate for a demo? Let us know in the comments below!

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