Binding of Isaac Wordle Feb 28 | Created by @chunobi_plays#shorts #thebindingofisaac #isaac #gaming -

Binding of Isaac Wordle Feb 28 | Created by @chunobi_plays#shorts #thebindingofisaac #isaac #gaming

Another Matt Playing Isaac
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Isaacle Created by @chunobi_plays GO SUB TO THEM OR ELSE

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  1. I did this one today too and I lost because I was certain Lil Brim would be gray. I am now also certain my balls are blue.

  2. Bro I start with a little brim guess every time I was so surprised when I got it first try😂😂😂

  3. I didn't use devil deal and got so far I was sure it's Lil Brim, but i didn't get the right color just knew litterally anything else and I knew it is NOT grey… and Lil Brim is kiiiinda grey to me….. so I didn't get it…

  4. I got spoiled on this one early on. Sadly, but thank god i didn't have to go with that colour stupidity

  5. I had the exact same reaction to lil brim being classified as black and not gray

  6. i guessed demon baby too, how the f is lil brimstone black and not gray

  7. I always guess gello first. Covers some categories pretty well. Its red, its a familiar its an active

  8. lmao between this video and the discord im so glad literally EVERYONE was thrown by it lmao

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