Big Wordle Changes Incoming? A New Editor: Tracy Bennett! -

Big Wordle Changes Incoming? A New Editor: Tracy Bennett!

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  1. Well, I certainly noticed an editor's input today. Not a fan!

  2. I would like where no one knows the words in the future it would be nice so the trolls don’t spoil the word on the discord

  3. I'm a bit worried about the NYT changing things because I had a bad experience when they first took over. When I first started I used ADIEU as my start word, which evolved into ADIEU-SPORT-LYNCH as 3 word start with 15 unique letters. But immediately after the NYT took over, they pruned BOTH the answer list and acceptable guess list to remove some controversial/offensive words. LYNCH was one of those. I am certain of this because for the first couple weeks after, I kept trying to play it and was told it was not a valid word. I found this absurd, because the only person who could be triggered by a guess word is the person who thought of the word and typed it in. Some time afterwards, they must have gone back to the original accepted word list because LYNCH is now acceptable, but I don't know exactly when because I had moved on a different 3 word start.

  4. This is very interesting. I had not seen the article, and I'm glad you brought it to my attention and gave your thoughts on it. I really prefer to not know how the sausage is made, so to speak, on things like this. I play Wordle for fun and watch a few people's videos about it daily or nearly daily. I exchange my little grid of green and yellow squares with a few friends. (I think that this is really the most fun part of it.) I don't care if other people cheat at this kind of game because they are only hurting themselves. But I strongly object to people spoiling it for others. To the extent that making it harder to spoil is a result of the changes, I say all to the good. If the changes make it harder for some of the folks I enjoy watching on YT to record a daily Wordle short, for example, because they actually have to do it every day, I will be disappointed.

  5. Hopefully we see some great changes, new editor new things

  6. 2:47 FUNGI is not possible it was the answer on Sept 1

  7. These changes, if your interpretation is correct, will be terrible for me. My schedule requires that I pre-record a batch of them during the weekend. I have no time to record a Wordle video during the week. So, let's hope you're right, Rangsk, and that there will be some "buffer" through which I can still pre-record. All I need is 5 days!

  8. I think you explained everything very well and raised some interesting points. I really have to wonder whether most people will notice any change at all. I guess it depends on how much the editor feels like testing players' vocabulary.

  9. I’m not someone who generally likes change, but I can see why you feel this is a net-positive from your perspective.

  10. I like this change as it will stop those annoying people on forums who post that some word you tried was obviously always going to be wrong since its not on the list (as if they've memorised them all)

  11. Love the Eine Kleine Nachtmusik choice for your background music! Just wanted to point out I thought that fit really well!

  12. I'm waiting for when the answer list officially changes so I can google the old answer list and see if my starting word was ever going to be the answer

  13. Spots is weird since I was under the impression it's previously allowed because of it's verb usage rather than it's plural usage – clearer if it's accurate 🙂

  14. Will this means ADIEU will be on the answer list

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