Becoming the Wordle God... -

Becoming the Wordle God…

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if you got the word in less try’s than us, then you haven’t seen the sun in weeks. like who would have gotten that word.!?!?!



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  1. Is there anymore space still in that franchise because I would love to join since I’m now a vip finally and I do have next gen

  2. Where is this from is it a stream or a video

  3. MMG: “I like when it has 2 vowels, and a couple words in there” 🤦‍♂️

  4. On my grandmothers grave I actually bet he would get 4 on the dot

  5. Natal is the name of a few ships. But it’s definition is “relating to the place or time of one’s birth”

  6. The best word to start with is adieu because it as lots of vouls

  7. WO2k idea do poeltle as a wheel spin to get that player and you can look at the silhouette

  8. Have a goal, change your routine, get more active, sleep more/less, conquer stress,

    It’s Your Life, So Live It!

  9. Start with audio next time
    Like so mmg sees

  10. Try baker then crave then shown then work from that

  11. Duval might count as a word because Duval county is why we chant duval

  12. When I had to get this one I was thinking vital and he was like think of a word that is five letters that ends in tal I didn’t know natal was word

  13. The words Flame Shunt Podgy and Brick give you all 5 letters almost every time

  14. Did you seriously say natal is relating to the navy? That would be naval dipped. Jk love you papa

  15. Also where can I find the discord bc it’s not showing up for me under the perks

  16. Word to everything I love I bet Smoney and I got it I won bigggggggg

  17. When u bet for him to get it on the dot 😈

  18. Didn’t know a wordle god took 30 minutes to figure out “squad”.

  19. I like starting off with nymph, frugs and laked they all use different letters

  20. Natal is a word not describing a ship, but your place of birth papa

  21. Calls us idiots for not knowing natal if he thought Italy was Mexico

  22. If there’s two letters then it will either be green or yellow it won’t be grey if there’s two letters in the word

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