ASMR Gummy Candy & WORDLE on iPad | Whispered Ramble, Long Nails -

ASMR Gummy Candy & WORDLE on iPad | Whispered Ramble, Long Nails

My ASMR Addiction
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  1. Happy Valentine's Day Nicole Your Beautiful Whisper Do You Like Teddy Bear Thanks For Uploading

  2. Hearing you explain "hussy" was hysterical!😂🤣

  3. I can watch this because I can steal my daughter’s Valentine candy if necessary

  4. your wordle videos are some of my favorites, they’re so good to wind down with before bedtime!

  5. Amazing you got pooch 🤣was not expecting that

  6. I am here again because i need relax. I have to many problems then i need something like your channel. 😻

  7. Where do you buy the soho sweets? I’m interested in trying some

  8. Her:” Take as many candies as you want”
    Me: 👁️👄👁️ wish I could gurl✨🫠

  9. Two great starting words are arose and Adieu both give you a really good idea of what the word might be given the vowels and consonants in both

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