ASMR Eating Hard Candy & Wordle on iPad | Whispered Game Play -

ASMR Eating Hard Candy & Wordle on iPad | Whispered Game Play

My ASMR Addiction
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Join me today as I enjoy some hard candies and play Wordle while whispering.

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  1. I think i remember watching this channel a while ago! I lost it for some reason 😭 I'm back for good now

  2. I don't know how or why we love asmr 😂😂😂 but it's a good video thanks for doing it i love it but I don't know why 🙄🤷🏻‍♂️😅🥰

  3. You're Beautiful Nicole Happy Mother's Day Thanks For Uploading

  4. I try to sleep with this amazing relaxing video..thanks Nicole 🙂 happy Mother’s Day!

  5. My favorite game when i want to learn a new lenguage❤

  6. So tingly! Love the wordle videos keep up the good work! Also happy Mother’s Day❤❤

  7. Your videos are amazing 🤩
    Love from Ukraine 💙💛

  8. I tryied to look up bused but google is clueless.

  9. You like much more eat gummies than try candies hahaha 😜😜

  10. Happy Mother's Day Nicole!! I hope you had a fantastic day ❤

  11. Love this! My sadness was I had to wait for bedtime!!

  12. Happy Mother’s Day! 10/10 video as always

  13. My favourite candies are always lemon, but I absolutely HATE pineapple candy so there’s nothing worse than getting a yellow candy expecting lemon and getting pineapple 🤢

  14. I’d love to see a Quordle unlimited video! It’s like wordle, but there are 4 words and you have 9 chances to guess all 4 words!

  15. Give me one of those candy 🍬 please 😢 the purple one 💜 please 😢💜

  16. There is a book about your game ❤ your word search apk

  17. There's something about hard candy that's even more soothing. Fun video!

  18. Your nails look so awesome! You also have very elegant and graceful hands! Wow so pretty ✨️

  19. Bused means being transported by something, mostly being transported by bus

  20. would be awesome if you enlarged the keyboard somewhere on the screen so it would be easier for us to play with you. just a thought…

  21. Can you make a video without talking but with hard candy 😍 this where so nice please

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