ASMR 1hr Playing Wordle on Mobile | Cough Drop Sounds -

ASMR 1hr Playing Wordle on Mobile | Cough Drop Sounds

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Playing some Mobile Word Games and one Math Game, while eating a cough drop. Soft Spoken in a Swedish accent to help you relax and sleep.

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#ASMR #wordle #coughdrop


0:00 Intro
0:54 Hi
2:14 Wordle Game
19:51 Nerdle Game
27:29 Ordel Game
38:12 Ordsnille Game

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  1. Cool Video! Got an interesting idea for a type of map drawing:
    Underwater Map of the World (Or a Part) . Essentially an inverted map. Draw the coastlines and maybe rivers, etc.. But have all the Details underwater. So volcanoes, deepest points, shipwrecks and other interesting stuff. You get it? Would be very cool!

  2. thats crazy, i just started playing this game a week ago

  3. Bruv I got more tingles within 59 seconds of this video, than I have since the beginning of this year

  4. I had to comment and say I was really yelling cargo at my phone as if you could hear me 😂😂

  5. I really enjoyed this video! It was very calm and laidback

  6. This was great, can you do Quordle too in a future video? That one is nice because you can do "Practice mode" after you guess the daily puzzle, and you can keep playing infinitely 🙂

  7. you should try to play Worldle! it's wordle but for geography lovers 😀

  8. There are lots of geography games that are this style of game

  9. was anyone else screaming CARGO! at your screen? hahahaha great video man!

  10. the first think I noticed is that you have 14 tabs open for some reason nad that in the begining you had 69 %

  11. Extra drops are called "Orbit" in Poland and it's totally something different but with same logo

  12. Since you like geography, let me recommend Worldle, its the same idea of game, but you have to guess which is the country by showing you the territory.
    Amazing video and sorry for bad english♥

  13. Only man to ever rival the French whisperer

  14. Me: looking at the percentage on the phone at the beginning- 69%

    57 minutes later..

    Me again: looking at the percentage on the phone- 65%

    My phone: 100% to 0% in 30 minutes of usage

    (I dunno why I did this but here it is)

  15. Cough drops add that extra touch to a already nice video. Im a huge coughdrop fan

  16. Love u man but god watching this makes me so impatient swear sonethings wrong with me

  17. Hi, I'm writing this the morning after. Last night was so, so peaceful. I never get tingles, and I got tingles from you! Also, I couldn't keep my eyes open and fell right asleep, before we got to Nerdle! Thank you!!

  18. This is my first exposure to wordle and I’m glad it’s alongside the return of the cough drops

  19. Bro this made me fall asleep in like 10 minutes, I am so shocked 😦 it usually takes me like an hour or two to fall asleep. 😦😦 I woke up and I was like "What the f happened"

  20. Hi. Can you make a video of writing old persian language aphabet on Wax Tablet please?(the language used to be spoken in the time of Achaemenid Empire)

  21. Everybody gonna ignore how the battery percentage was 69 at the beginning

  22. Александра Лебедева says:

    So glad to see the cough drops back! And I see I’m not alone judging by the comments 😁

  23. That cough drop box is an asmr Artefact. It should be housed in a museum.

  24. I was okay until you added the cough drop.😬 Personally, not a fan.

  25. Your voice is so beautiful. It reminds me of a cello.

  26. I bought Bose sound cancelling headphones recently and all I can say is Wow to this mic quality. This will be the best sleep of my life!

  27. I think drawing North Dakotan map would be relaxing it’s borders are simple and it has a bunch of highways

  28. honestly i hate this type of very "close" asmr it makes me feel weird i like the plain soft ones like getting a haircut at a barber shop with none of that lip smacking. lip smacking is my biggest pet peeve and it always will be no matter what happens. i would rather watch my dog get ran over by an 18 wheeler than listen to lip smacking for 10 minutes straight. thats my feedback i hope you like it

  29. I just could watch your intro on loop 😭 the way it hits the notebook cover is just so satisfying

  30. wait what tha fuck that shit makes me feel like a fucking god do your stuff bro that shit must be illegal

  31. your a fucking god

    no hate

    for bots that want to ban me

  32. Love your asmr videos, especially your map drawing ones. Do you take requests on which maps you draw or do you decide on your own? I would love to see a video on your one of the Horizon Zero Dawn games

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