Are these three words a good Wordle start? -

Are these three words a good Wordle start?

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #340 for Wednesday, May 25th.

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  1. At the end he said “phew” right as it popped up on the screen at the top

  2. Took all six tries. Needed to stop and think about what was possible after getting the "ouch" part instead of just charging forward with couch/pouch/vouch

  3. Day 3 of asking Scott to start with ARISE and POUTY

  4. I started today with a word from the octordle, or maybe sedecordle from yesterday: vigil.
    The V helped a lot, but got 4 grays, tried vouch forn4 new letters and got super lucky.

  5. I almost guessed "COUCH" on my last attempt, but it seemed so unlikely that I kept looking for other things and finally thought of "VOUCH". I am glad I already had got rid of P.

  6. Day 9 of asking Scott to start with heads, tails, and coins 🙂

  7. I normally use EARTH and PLUMS, can you use it?

  8. Dude I started cheat, pouch, couch, then vouch! Pretty bummed could've got it in two! But good job yet again and if you see this try starting with cheat and louis!

  9. I lost mine 73 days streak on this one. Mine last three guesses were TOUCH, COUCH, and POUCH. I was so close.

  10. Day 8 of asking to start with CRAPE, FLINT,MOUSY

  11. i start with slate drunk and chimp and it hasn’t failed me from what i remember

  12. Please start with the following words. “Child” “Joker” “Stamp”

  13. Sadly he didn’t start with his usual start of NASTY, LIGER, POUCH…

  14. To be honest I only suggested them to make a funny video title

  15. Day 4 of asking Scott to start with CRATE and SOLID

  16. NASTY ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️, LIGER ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️, POUCH ⬜️🟩🟩🟩🟩 and VOUCH 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

  17. Day nine of asking you to start with my three starting words, STARE, CLOUD, WINGY

  18. Not gonna lie I’m trying to see him finally miss a word 😂

  19. I started with my usual, DREAM, got nothing. I proceeded with my following word, GLINT, also got nothing. Then I guessed my third following, POUCH. And got lucky. Honestly though it could’ve been POUCH since I got all greys on the other words but then I guessed VOUCH and got it on my 4th guess. Honestly COUCH didn’t even get to my mind until I saw another video of someone guessing COUCH lol.

  20. Just use fling, wordy, tubes and champ 20 new letters

  21. Day 6 of asking Scott to start with “ocean” “water” and “fishy” because they are ocean/underwater themed

  22. Day 13 of asking scott to do my starting words: CLAIM,STERN,AND PODGY

  23. I started with salty and got nothing, then continued with prime AND GOT NOTHING and my third starting word is found so that helped. I don't remember what I did afterwards.

  24. Day 4 of asking Scott to try "Fault" and "Biome". Very useful.

  25. I went to type in couch as my third guess but accidentally hit the v instead of the C and got it in three

  26. Day 5 of suggesting that Scott starts with my starting words which are AISLE and DOUBT

  27. Day 3 of asking Stro to start with "CRANE", "SLOTH", "WIMPY", & "FUDGE".

  28. After a horrific start, I got it in 4!

    Wordle 340 4/6*


  29. As a challenge, start with the following 5 words from my username: “truly”, “abhor”, “brain”, “deads” and “sheep” 😂.

  30. Day 7 if asking Scott to start with CRANE SLIMY and then DOUGH I always use this and almost always get

  31. Try house and prank it is really good . Day 1

  32. i think starting with grrrl phpht and crwth would be a good challenge because theres no vowels or y

  33. I came up with a new strategy a couple of weeks back. Start with SLATE, CHOIR, and DUNGy pls I have never been picked for a strategy yet

  34. Todays octordle was really hard, you should try it! <3

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