ANYONE could guess today's Worldle (Geography Wordle) #shorts -

ANYONE could guess today’s Worldle (Geography Wordle) #shorts

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ANYONE could guess today’s Worldle (Geography Wordle) #shorts


  1. You should actually try world wordle again this one is called globle but you can call it that if you want 😅

  2. There is another one called worldle.T. Something als

  3. everybody talking about the fact that he said wordle:
    me just thinking about the fact that australia is a continent;

  4. i guessed it in one try
    and this was before watching the short

  5. I got it in 3 with pure luck by starting with Italy, then Libya, and finally Australia because it is the main Oceania country to guess in the area.

  6. i accidentally guessed the actual worldle in one guess

  7. Australias ain’t a country it’s a continent

  8. wait whaaaattt i did todays and it was taiwan for me

  9. May 16th is Taiwan 🇹🇼
    China be like: 🤫

  10. This was recorded a while ago because today's globle is not autralia

  11. Hey Jack! Without you I would have never gotten all countries in the world!

  12. Jack:let’s just try nice and big let’s go with Australia
    Also jack:oh wow fair enough cool

  13. I got it in 2 by doing Brazil then Uruguay or Paraguay I forget which one the one that is costal and NOT landlocked

  14. once i randomly just put in turkmenistan cause why not an- oh i got it correct

  15. As a new Zealander… I would get that in 2 coz NZ is always my first guess

  16. Yoo aussies finally get noticed
    Any other aussies here?
    btw I’m an aussie

  17. ‏نحنا شنو ذنبنا Iraq🥺🖤

  18. Yo jack can you do "can i name all the teritories of the world?"?

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