Another 3 Word Wordle strat -

Another 3 Word Wordle strat

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #341 for Thursday, May 26th.

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  1. Day 27 of asking Scott to use “POOPS” “SMELL” as his starting words

  2. Day 4 of asking to start with fight jumbo reads

  3. you should try foodle. you guess different foods

  4. Day 2 of asking Scott to start with earth, lucky and ponds!

  5. fyi it couldnt have been taxes because the answer cant be a 4 letter word plural like wings or taxes

  6. On may 26th I started with "salet" so I got it in 2 somehow

  7. Day 2 of asking him to start with “Lying”, “Drape” and “Scout” for the Wordle and it’s variants

  8. Day 2 of asking you to start with AUDIO, CREST, LYMPH.

  9. Day ten of asking you to start with my three starting words, STARE, CLOUD, WINGY

  10. Day 7 of asking Scott to start with “ocean” “water” and “fishy” because they are ocean/underwater themed

  11. Day01: Please start with intro, as it is your first word. Great job on wordle👍

  12. Can you please start with MOIST ULCER HANDY it has all vowels and wheel of fortune letters

  13. I started with "EARLY" and "CLASS" and got it within the third try.

  14. I started with SOARE which got me a yellow S A and E. And then I guessed EASTS which turned out to be an anagram of ASSET 😂

  15. Did anyone read ,,Another 3 World War Starts'' too?

  16. my personal favourite 3-word starter is STALE CURIO NYMPH (all on the answer list!)
    it would be nice to see you use it

  17. You should start with Mammy Mommy and Mummy

  18. I got the word in 2 tries since I start with "SALET".

  19. Pls start with ALOUD STERN CHIMP it is y favorite dordle/quordle/octordle

  20. Day 2 of asking to start with house and prank

  21. Day 7 of asking Scott to use PANDA, POLAR, and TIGER for my three favorite animals.

    🐼 🐻‍❄️ 🐯

  22. Wordle 341 3/6


    I made a staircase 🙂
    Audio, stern, asset

  23. Day 2 of asking you to do "psalm" "tiger" and "hound pls

  24. Day 12 of asking him to start with RATIO, MENDS, and LUCKY

  25. Day Something: I usually use Soare, thick, and pudgy, but you can also substitute the pudgy with Plumb if you dont need vowels.

  26. Can you please start with my words. PEACH, STORY, LUNGI. They have all five vowels and y, all wheel of fortune letters and some other common consonants

  27. Just want to point out you spelled start wrong. U typed “strat” instead of “start”. Also great video!

  28. Lol I got that third try but I just got luck cuz I got a green T with yellow S A E

  29. This is a good win rate one start with womby flung chirp arena and you'll win most of the time

  30. Day 10 of asking Scott to start with “NASTY”, “OILER”, “GUMBO”

  31. I actually got my first two gusser with this word, my usual starting word, salet, got three yellows and asset was my first instict

  32. Day 5, please try “Fault” and “Biome”.

  33. Hey Scott, I'm watching your vids while I'm sick, and the most frequent thing I drink to get better is honey lemon water. So could you please someday start with HONEY LEMON WATER ? It would mean a lot to me.

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