An HVAC Wordle? -

An HVAC Wordle?

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #310 for Friday, April 25th.

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  1. I don’t know how he does so good on these!

  2. Now that I look at the wordle bot it told me after my second guess that there was only two possibilities. It took 5 guesses used 2 words that aren’t wordle answers xD

  3. Day 8 of asking you to start with "noise" "clart" and "dumpy"

  4. The Official Younghoe Koo YouTube Channel says:

    Start with Batch botch butch because it’s 😎

  5. Got it on three. Super surprised by that!

  6. I beg of you to start with AUDIO and TRECK. It’s what I always start with

  7. I had the 1st and 4th letters from guess 2 and basically plugged in random letters and tried from there, accidentally guessed assez not knowing it was a word, luckily got it in 6 though

  8. Got it in 2 tries with "salet" as my starting word

  9. I had mega troubles because I didn't even knew this word existed

  10. Askew was very hard for me and ididnt get it
    – a random glyph, mount, raise user

  11. Day 32 of asking Scott to start with tubes, fling, champ, wordy it gives you all common letters

  12. Start with BOUND and TRAPS these are my two starting words

  13. You should start with "onion" "stats" and "melee". It's usually a pretty difficult challenge.

  14. I was doing hard mode for the first time, and I got locked into:
    And then I ran out of guesses 🙁

  15. Day 26 of asking Scott to start with “DRIVE” and “POWER”

  16. I started with my usual "STERN", then checked for more consonants with 'E' using "BELCH", then (having no new letters) checked if I was missing any vowels with "AUDIO" before getting it correct on the very next guess.

    In hindsight I'm thinking I should check other vowels second as there's a chance I'd've found it in 3. Going forward I think "STERN" "AUDIO" will be my new starting pair… until "STERN" is the daily word.

  17. I got the A, S, and E on the third guess, but it took me till the fifth guess to get the word

  18. For the next one can you do BADLY SLEPT because I did not sleep good last night

  19. I did asked on my third guess then got askew. Kinda upset about it 😅

  20. Took me way longer than you but pulled it off in three let’s goooooo

  21. im a big football fan so can u start with bears lions and packs for packers

  22. for todays wordle, start with alien and storm, it helped me to get a 3 guess wordle, and one of the fastest wordles ive donr

  23. Idea: have one of your family members go to one of those websites where you create your own wordles and YT comments try to stump you. If ‘Askew’ isn’t a big enough challenge, I don’t know what is

  24. My wordle progress is gone! Anybody know what to do?

  25. I thought I had it on "asked" and I was very confused for like thirty seconds afterwards. Took me a while to remember askew is a word

  26. I guessed asked on the third and asker on fourth and askew on the last one

  27. Today's Dordle really stumped me the first word was hard

  28. day 33 of asking him to start with "vests" and "coats"

  29. I have a teacher with the name askew so I didn’t know it was a word
    Regardless, i got it in 4

  30. No cap but I got this in 2. Started with salet and got 3 letters then I decided to be adventurous and got askew. Luck 100

  31. This is day ten of asking for you to start with the words Alpha and omega…. idk why I just think it would be cool lol. Much love from Australia 🇦🇺

  32. My opening word has been Roast for almost 100 wordles now. On Quordle I typically start with Roast, Lumpy and Chive

  33. i started with "ASKED"…
    boy was that an easy wordle for me

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