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A Wordle for my WIFE

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #328 for Friday, May 13th.

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  1. I used to start my wordles with "tipsy". So I'm really mad at today's wordle. Got it in 4.

  2. Happy birthday to your wife and I suggest that you need to do todays Doutrigordle. It really makes you use your letters.

  3. I don't know why I don't post this as my "how did I do" reply…

    Wordle 328 4/6





  4. Just be sure when you celebrate she doesnt get too tipsy. Happy birthday to her from Northern MN.

  5. My gf told me to start with kissy, and got it in 2!!

  6. I’ve been messing around with starter words, and I found MATER, GHOUL, and FICIN are working pretty well. Try those

  7. Knowing the answer I was almost expecting some dark humor with your wife being an alcoholic or something, but no, she's just tipsy ;D

  8. It’s final exams week so I started with final and exams, then continuing the finals trend I guessed doubt and hasty, which let me deduce “tipsy”

  9. I started with Salet(my usual starting word) then nymph, I saw there was a T, S, Y, P and another vowel that wasnt A or E. So Tipsy came to my mind. I solved it in like 30 seconds lol-

  10. Omg ypur wifes birthday is the exact same as mine! May 13!

  11. Day 9 of asking Scott to start with GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE.

  12. I got it in 5 because I didn't know what tipsy then I looked up the definition and I was like. Bruh

  13. Got it on my second try, I always use their
    It’s a decent word

  14. Saturday 14 may. Please start with ratio mends. Easiest start ever

  15. I got it in two because I always use CRANE TIPSY and GUMBO for my starting words so that one shocked me. Speaking of that you should start with CRANE TIPSY GUMBO tomorrow.

  16. Not my best day, as I needed five guesses. Second time of asking to start with UNCLE for my uncle’s birthday this month. He was born in Ames.

  17. You should try todays Wordle. It is pretty easy

  18. So far we have Wordle calling your brother’s birth trash and now it’s making your wife seem like an alcoholic…. What do they have against your family!!😂

  19. It's my daughter's birthday too! I got this one in 3.

  20. Day 17 of asking you to try kilordle (1000 wordles at once)

  21. I don’t know what tipsy is but I got it correct

  22. You need to do the Worldle for today. It’s almost impossible I couldn’t get it

  23. My starting words are boils rated and nymph so I actually got all the letters in 3 moves
    Wordle 328 4/6


  24. Can you start with flame brick podgy and shunt

  25. I want expecting this to be appropriate as New York Times defines it

  26. please start with soare lupin i use them as starting words

  27. I started with PARTY and got TIPSY in the next guess

    Also, Happy Birthday to your wife! 🥳

  28. happy birthday to your wife :)), i got the wordle in 3 with brace, fight, and tipsy, very lucky

  29. AHH MAY 13TH IS MY BDAY TOO!! tell your wife i said happy birthday!! (i also started with birth but for my sedecordle!)

  30. Can you please start with “sauce” “thorn” and “imply”

  31. Day 3 of asking Scott to start with ‘ASHES and STELL’ after my favourite song Ashes by Stellar

  32. You should start with RATIO, LUCKY, and MENDS

  33. I don't know why but I feel like starting the wordle with wife"s" is not the best of ideas. XD

  34. why don't you try staring with train brain drain crane

  35. Happy Birthday to your wife

    For the next puzzle could you please use SHORE and AUDIT. These are my first 2 and they never fail me.

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