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A Wordle for Mr. Craine

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #316 for Sunday, May 1st.

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  1. Hi Scott! You should try Globle. It is also a geography game like worldle, but you try to guess the mystery country by clicking on a globe. The closer you are, the hotter the color gets!

  2. Start with TRINE, NITER, AND INERT.
    Those three possibilities almost cost me a loss.

  3. Maybe try “SHINE” and “TRACK”. Or “CRANE” and “GHOST”

  4. This is one of the times I’ve actually seen the comment he has used in a vid

  5. i was using a different wordle app and the daily wordle was forgo

  6. I heard that kayak has some pretty good letters

  7. You should start doing Quintessential, it’s really fun and entertaining. This is how it works…
    First, it basically gives you all the letters but you don’t know where they are. There is a theme to every one you do. So, it’s really easy you just need to move the letters around to get your words.
    Plz try this! I love your videos so much. I would never be as good as you lol 😂.

  8. It definitely was an answer on a Quordle maybe a month ago? It had my friends and I stumped back then but thankfully knowing it now helped me in today's Wordle!

  9. you should start with "STORY" because my dad always reads me stories and he is a big fan

  10. You should start with share, spare, and stare

  11. start with "birth" on the 5th cause its my birthday 🙂

  12. I wanted to find two words that use all the wheel of fortune letters and all the vowels (minus y) so now I start with Torus and Alien

  13. Day 14 of asking you to start with "noise" "clart" and "dumpy"

  14. It’s ironic because we had a teacher called Mr Crane spelt just like the word and no one liked him 😂 he was a physics teacher

  15. My brother Jack is a big fan of your channel. Could you start with Jacks?

  16. try "hairy potty" because i am a big fan of harry potter

  17. I dare you to use the three starting words ratio lucky and mends

  18. Day 2 of asking Scott to use “POOPS” “SMELL” for his starting words

  19. Day 10 of asking you to start with waqfs jumpy glent vozhd and brick

  20. Start with pixel and games

  21. You should do a football draft wordle. Do “BROCK” for Brock Purdy. Then also do “BEAST” for Breece Hall, since he’s a beast.

  22. Day 4 of asking Scott to do tubes, fling, champ, and wordy?

  23. Try today's quordle ( 02-05-2022) It is really interesting/hard

  24. Idea: Start with "Paris" "Saint" & "Germs" in reference of PSG.

  25. Can you please start with state and tests because state testing is coming up here where I am from.

  26. Month 1 day 15 of asking you to start with phpht

  27. Last day of suggesting TEDDY and BEARS (Day 10)

  28. Me,my dad and my mom love your channel but we also really like Wordle quordle needle + but for For any of them we ALWAYS start with alien,storm and ducky

  29. I start with adieu and hydro. Could you do those for a video?

  30. Can you start with the word Venus?? Who knows, it could be helpful..

  31. You should try doing “heardle” it is like wordle but with music

  32. Can you start with ‘chaos’ ‘style’ and ‘hurls’

  33. Man… you spread so much joy! Thank you sir!

  34. I always use crane as my first, I got it in 3 this wordle.

  35. Hi, could you try audio and enjoy as the first words? Great videos!!

  36. Could you start with START and WORDS for your start word one day?

  37. How is your current steak 8 and max steak 15? Yet you have 100% win rate?

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