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A very TASTY Wordle start

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #339 for Tuesday, May 24th.

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  1. Start with Moist Pizza Rolls in honor of my pizza rolls that got soggy.

  2. Start with Hinge, Album, Craft. That gets you different letters

  3. Can I get a shout out cause you know me personally?

  4. Day 6 of asking you to do 'RAISE, NYMPH, CLOUT' as your starting words.

  5. Day 5 of asking Scott to start with “ocean” “water” and “fishy” because they are ocean/underwater themed

  6. If you haven't, try out air-fried pizza. Way better than microwave, just as good as oven in way less time. Also thanks for all these vids they are fun to watch every morning 😀

  7. Day 13 of telling Scott to start with "CRANE" "SHTIK" "MOLDY".

  8. Day 3 of asking for the 4-word start Money,Light,Dwarf,Bucks

  9. Really enjoy watching you Wordle! I’d like to suggest starting with “SUITE” and “RAYON” as it gets you all vowels, Y, and R,S,T,N

  10. Got in in the third try- ARISE, ALOUD and then ALBUM

  11. Day 8 of asking Scott to start with heads, tails, and coins 🙂

  12. Day 2 of starting with flame brick podgy shunt

  13. Day 1 of asking Scott to Try plier candy ghost and jumbo as a start

  14. please start with “texas” for tomorrows word 💙💙

  15. Day 1 of asking for scott to use VIDEO, GAMES, and PHONE for all the mobile games on the app store/google play

  16. I got this one in two since I start with alien

  17. Day 11 of asking scott to do nu startibg words: CLAIM STERN and PODGY

  18. Could u start with human alien space earth pls

  19. I like to start with Stare and Colin as it gives me 9 extremely common letters (and a c) and if I don't have much good from that, I'll play Fudgy.

  20. for tomorrows wordle you should try and start with lapse, trick and bound they have all different letters

  21. Day 3 of asking Scott to start with CRATE and SOLID

  22. STARE into GUMBO made it preeeeetty easy for me 😄

  23. Please start with LYMPH STOCK BREAD and FUNGI

  24. Day 4 of suggesting to start with my starting words; AISLE and DOUBT

  25. Day 2 of asking to start with fight, jumbo and reads

  26. Day 7 of asking to start with CRAPE, FLINT, MOUSY

  27. The new octordle is really interesting you gotta check it out!

  28. I know this was just for show. But you really should reheat your pizza on a frying pan. Get a crispy crust and avoid that boiling hot cheese burning blisters on your lips.

  29. I got this one in 3.

    Wordle 339 3/6*


  30. Day 11 of suggesting you start with LIONS, SNAKE, EAGLE, and BADGE as a tribute to Hogwarts

  31. Day 5 of asking for my start of drift plank house

  32. Day 7 of asking Scott to start with NORTH and SOUTH

  33. Start woth DOGGY, PUPPY and BANJO, as that’s what your dog is.

    I think his/her name was Banjo, subtitles told me and that’s what I heard.

  34. Today's Wordle is REALLY hard.
    Start with POUCH.

  35. You should start with the usual nasty, liver, pouch

  36. You should do my 3 word start of Salet, round, and Chivy.

  37. Day 8 Of Asking To Use "Polar", "Brick", and "Shunt" (Wedgy Is Optional)

  38. Day 4 of asking Scott to start with ARGON, ORGAN, and GROAN

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