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A very popular Wordle CHALLENGE

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #291 for Wednesday, April 6th by starting with 5 words that contain 25 unique letters.

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  1. Next word le can you use great,silky, and found

  2. You should start with the word “loser” i always start with it 🙂

  3. I don't like this method since it removes most of the strategy. It removes the deductive aspect and turns it into an anagram solve

  4. I have a similar strategy. It isn’t as good but I still prefer it. I use the words:

    Gybes (Or Gives)

  5. Day 12 of asking Scott to start with “DRIVE” and “POWER”

  6. Duotrigordle or quordle or octordle with WORDY FLING CHAMP TUBES

  7. That’s what I use it gets me it every time

  8. I got COMMA on the 5th try…not too shabby here!
    P.S. just wanna let you know Cubs have the first game of the season before anyone else! 🙂

  9. Do SEVEN tomorrow because it will be april 7th

  10. You should use heels for your starting word

  11. Or you can use socks. Sorry I know it’s random have a good day

  12. I always start with SHITE BLACK and POUND. Works pretty well
    U should give it a try

  13. I got it spoiled during science class today /:
    I was working on our science work when someone shouts across the room to me, “Have you gotten the wordle yet?” I said no and then the science teacher looked at the screen to help him and said it might be comma, and then the kid replied with that’s it!!! They didn’t intentionally spoil it but it was still sad

  14. Can you please start with OUTER? It has 3 vowels and two really common consonants. If this doesn’t work out, you can try SLAIN. I really hope you see this. ❤️

  15. Try absurdle- you have to try and get the word in the most amount of tries possible, but if you get a yellow letter you have to use it in the next word you guess, kinda like the hard mode in wordle. It’s pretty, well, absurd! I’d love to see you try it

  16. ʅnoSʅɐʇɹoᥕɹno⅄ǝɯnsuoϽʅʅᴉϺI says:

    FINALLY! Although for some reason I was kinda sad to not see me up there. Lol

  17. I have a challenge for you: Play Octordle and start with these 5 words (GLENT, BRICK, JUMPY, VOZHD, WAQFS) . Then you need to solve the puzzle starting from the first word, then the second word, then the third and so on… so the final solve looks like stairs. There is no room for error but it's not that hard if you are lucky.

  18. Try starting with 'pious' and then 'sweat'

  19. i didn’t get comma first todays wordle …

  20. Day two of asking Scott to start with which and witch.

  21. the double m almost had me but i got it on my last try

  22. Why are people calling this a challenge it’s so easy

  23. tried the challenge not realizing it was todays word

  24. I use this strategy for Quordle, not for Wordle though

  25. This Strategy works, but i think it would be kinda boring to use it all the time

  26. I really enjoy this and actually do a similar thing to this with one exception… doing it on octordle or a similar high level # of word game really heightens the stakes and adds a layer of strategy to it. I'd love to see you try that!

  27. Thanks for using my suggestion. I have accepts defeat… 😔

  28. I went for stone, then moral and got it in 3 surprisingly

  29. you should start with ”adieu” it gives you four wovels

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