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A SPLIT decision! #Wordle #Shorts

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(Spoilers 327) For fun, I start with the previous two day’s words and use a viewer suggestion for my 3rd!

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  1. What about chomp? So that the Dino’s can chomp down on a yummy sandwich

  2. why do I feel like the commentors always pick 3rd words that have revealing hints for the wordle? just a thought

  3. Start with WIMPY and VOZHD for tomorrow’s wordle

  4. Try “Minty” it would be a good word with FARCE and SLUNG

  5. You should use "width" for your next word.

  6. You are so calm and kind in some way, keep making these videos so I could keep getting the answers 😉

  7. Obscure word: THYMI
    a glandular structure of largely lymphoid tissue that functions especially in cell-meditated immunity by being the site where T cells develop, is present in the young of most vertebrates typically in the
    upper anterior chest or at the base of the neck, and gradually decreases
    in size and activity after puberty

  8. Try "lasts", because tomorrow is the last day of end of grade tests for me.

  9. Adieu is a word which gives out almost all sylables

  10. You should try DIVOT because you cover all the vowels and get a T and D. V is a good bonus

  11. What about words I tried that in class and it worked

  12. Tomorrow is Friday the 13 do use should use “DEMON”

  13. Maybe you MIGHT try the word might for tomorrow?

  14. Maybe Demon because tomorrow is Friday the 13th

  15. Use "BIPOD" because it gives you common letters and also the I and the O.

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