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A RANDOM Wordle start

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #326 for Wednesday, May 11th.

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  1. day 29 of asking you to start with PULLS and LEVER

  2. You should start with sunny cloud snowy and rainy! If you only wanna do a three letter start you can choose to remove one of the words

  3. I got it on my 6th… nearly lost my 46 day streak today

  4. Month 1 day 21 of asking you to start with phpht

  5. I didn’t even get it lol I didn’t know that word

  6. Could you use START and WORDS as your start words

  7. day 6 of asking you to start with "FRUIT" "NINJA" game

  8. I usually start with Adios because It test three vowels and common letters

  9. I really love doing this challenge for sedecordle but I get 5 random words so I have to get all 16 words in 16 guesses

  10. Can u start w shear I always start with it and it’s usually good

  11. I used sauce and dance before I got farce as well 😂

  12. today i started with raise and was fairly sure of where the r had to go, somehow i immediately thought of farce, but talked myself out of guessing it and went with large instead. got it in 3 but was definitely annoyed i didn’t go with my first instinct haha

  13. Try starting with "First" as your FIRST word

  14. I start with CARES every day and got this one in two! Second time that happened to me!

  15. the wordle today is very easy. i put my usual starting words "shirt blame found" and it gave the word away!

  16. i got it in 2 tries today! started with SPARE and i managed to guess it in 2

  17. Can you try COUPE and RAISE to start? I’ve used it many times and it works for me.

  18. do this again but with multiple words (like 2 or 3)

  19. You need to try the 71st duotrigordle all i got to say is good luck

  20. Hello, would you mind making your videos as shorts again please. I always look forward to you videos but can’t seem to watch them because it is no longer a short.

  21. You should start with RATIO, LUCKY, and MENDS

  22. Try xylyl as a starting word, it’s really bad.

  23. Can you start with FLAME and GRIST
    I always use those as my starting words

  24. The only reason I know parse is with an s is because in c# one of the ways to convert between data types is using a function called parse

  25. can you please use hatch ,batch and catch for the next wordle

  26. Try my method, and use Smile, Trank, Cough!

  27. Got this one in three with my two starters SLICK and EARTH

  28. i usually start with “weary” “build” and “month” i have no idea if it’s a good start but it’s worked for me soo far, can anyone let me know if it’s a good start and if it’s not why isn’t it?

  29. RaspberryFantaWithDrawnOnSunglassesBecauseYesLOLXD says:

    Start with lords, helix tommorow

  30. Day 8 literally asking Scott to use sauce for the first word

  31. Start with MICRO WAVED PIZZA

  32. You should try anti-wordle! It's a lot of fun and challenging

  33. Could you look at the squardle for May 12th. It is quite hard.

  34. Can you please start with "Later" and then "Scowl"

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