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A NASTY start to today’s #Wordle #Shorts

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving the Wordle for Thursday, January 20th.

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  1. Idea

    Then go from there

  2. Start with audio then guess prest for all vowels in 2

  3. Do
    Ratio, then Mends, then lucky that’s how I start

  4. Id say start with soare and then unity. If not soare use arose because soare doesnt work in wordle unlimited.

  5. You should use chump instead of gumbo

  6. Start with “adieu” that gives you 4 vowels down🤚🏼

  7. Fun fact: Robot is actually Czech word, it doesnt have its translation in most languages (maybe none)

  8. Nasty was the starting word awhile ago
    That reminds me of when i started with other and that was the word

  9. I got addicted to ur page and went from top to bottom

  10. You should start with Aloes you get three vowels and some common letters

  11. While I was watching this video my phone fell 🙂

  12. Start with flame then shunt then brick then podgy

  13. You should to ratio and blues for all them vowels in 2 moves

  14. Bro u could've just tried toddler bruh

  15. I thought it was tower but then the b just had to come along

    Edit: I just now realized the E isn’t supposed to be there 😭

  16. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and defeated death and rose from it three days later spread the gospel

  17. Why don’t you start with ADIEU? It finds all the vowels besides O

  18. bread, phone, lucky are always my first three, i get it almost everytime

  19. secret way to win in wordle clogs,jump,haven, and fritz then find the word put in any order

  20. How about use Brick, Glent, Vozhd, Jumpy and Waqfs. Uses every letter apart from x. Good challenge.

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