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A last minute Wordle suggestion

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #317 for Monday, May 2nd.

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  1. I started with stern and got it in two guesses. Was pretty surprised!

  2. start with the words “heart” and “spoil” it has helped in my wordle days

  3. Start with “WEARY, PILLS and VAGUE” as those are the words in the tutorial

  4. Since my name is Sammy you should start with great and Sammy

  5. I start with ADIEU and STORY so I got it in 2!

  6. Hey Scott! We’ve recently been learning about investing in personal finance, so you should start with STOCK and VALUE for tomorrows wordle!

  7. You should do poppy and pzazz as your starting words

  8. Hey! Can you start with "Sepal", "right", and "found"? Those are my starting words and they get 15 unique letters!

  9. Start with "TEACH" for may 3rd, it's national teacher appreciation day!

  10. Can you start with “flick”and then do “paint”

  11. Day 5 of asking for my starting words; Audio and Hymns always pull through

  12. I start with ADIEU then STORY so I got it in 2 lol

  13. I recommend you try a game called “Redactle”. It gives you a heavily censored Wikipedia article, and you have to guess the words in the article so you can eventually guess what the article is about. I find it to be quite difficult, so I’d really like to see how you approach it!

  14. I had to run to the bathroom so I started with potty and got it in 2 guesses.

  15. Today my second and third words were “STORM” and “STORK” 😭

  16. Can you start with “crane” and “louis” in any of your videos

  17. I got this one in 2 because my go-to word after adieu gets all greys is “story” it tries the last 2 vowels (O and Y) as well as R, S, and T because those are the best consonants to test in my opinion. For example, if I get a yellow e or a I always try roast or store.

  18. You should try "ARSON" I think it's a good starting word

  19. I did ADIEU then STORE then STORK then STORYY

  20. Nice coincidence, story is usually my second starting word after adieu

  21. Plz can u do SAVES THERE SOULS for Ukraine

  22. i got this on my second try starting with adieu HAHAHAH

  23. This is the second wordle I ever got in two guesses!

  24. To be honest, ADIEU and STOMP were my starting words until i changed them, seems like a coincidence!

  25. You should do PIGGY, WIGGY, JIGGY, CIGGY and BIGGY as starters for a bit of a challenge, love your videos!
    (Also if you choose to use these pick your favourite 3 and do them!)

  26. My starter was adieu as well and then followed by story so I got it in 2

  27. I think a good starting word is "child".i alway start with it and it gjves me good letters.

  28. Could you start with CLASS and MATES because my classmates are one of the reasons I started playing wordle 😛

  29. Hey Scott! I think you should start with ‘PLANT’ ‘VERSE’ ‘ZOMBI’ based of my fav game Plants vs Zombies 👍🏻

  30. I thought story would be your second guess since it uses o and y and also str

  31. I always start with "Adieu", and like you it did nothing. My next word was "Storm", and then I did "Story". Pretty cool, huh?

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