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A GREAT start to a HARD MODE #Wordle

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving the Wordle for Wednesday, January 26th.
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  1. Instead of nasty liver gumbo I use foams bowed guilt

  2. I feel like “start“ would be a really good start.

  3. You should start with drama then Llama

  4. Use fjord, nymph, quick, waltz, gyres it works really well

  5. can you use my two starting words their and plans?pls

  6. You can start with HARD for your next Hard Mode video

  7. Day 3 of asking Scott to start with my usual starting words CRANE and LOUIS! Keep up the amazing videos 🙂

  8. Day 10 of asking for
    since my family got back

  9. Him: so that’s interesting having to reuse the clues
    Me: bruh I play hard mode everyday and always get it

  10. I use heart and ponds and it is usually good for me

  11. I always start with the word Audio which has all the vowels except E so I find it pretty easy to start with that!

  12. we can both agree that ZOEAE + ZOAEA would be an interesting start, yes?

  13. Audio start with audio to see what vowels you have

  14. Use fjord, waltz, gibes, nymph, and quick it uses all letters except for v and x 😉

  15. Yeast and Oiler and if I’m struggling then whump

  16. What about “Adieu” it has 4 of the 5 vouls

  17. This is Scott’s most viewed video so I decided to come here and say something…

    No more counting… Just play Curdle, Scott… If you don’t want to play Curdle, atleast start with “CURDS” for a Wordle.

    This doesn’t mean we are giving up Scott, the Curdle army WILL reign supreme. #ScottsTurn #PlayCurdle

  18. Since someone gave you a suggestion in the least viewed video you have made I will do it on the most viewed video 🙂

    Day 98 of asking Scott to start with “ROATE” “FLUID” and “NYMPH” for the wordle.

  19. I hate that Scott isn't getting the same amount of views as when he was on the Wordle trend. I believe in him.

  20. What a not great start since great was great

  21. You should start with great start it will give you a great start

  22. This will work every time
    1. Glent
    2. Jumpy
    3. Vozhd
    4. Waqfs
    5. Brick
    This will cover all alphabets except X

  23. I always use paste as my first word. Gets rid of commonly used letters.

  24. did I hear this incorrectly or did he say HUMPDAY HARD MODE

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