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A Dad’s Wordle Start

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #315 for Saturday, April 30th.

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  1. Day 3 of asking for 'speed, bumps, ahead' because I saw it while in the car

  2. I like lucky, swear, point, it works pretty well for me!

  3. Try with CLEAR, MOIST and FUNKY, and that's my openers

  4. Could you use START and WORDS as your start words?

  5. Day 17 of asking you to start with WHEAT and BREAD

  6. “THEIR” “POUND” “FLASK” are my go to’s would love to see you start w these!

  7. Scott in every wordle video:
    “i can’t think of anything else to put”
    guesses the right word

    Love the videos btw 🙂

  8. Love these daily videos! Try to use my words: gamer and oints it works for me most of the time

  9. Could you start with CHOMP STAIR and FLUKE I think these words are really helpful and the letters are in very common spots for words

  10. Can you try foodle? It’s a version of Wordle but it’s only food!

  11. I also got it in 4! I started with STORM and RAINY cuz it was downpouring earlier (not to mention we also got tornado alarms going off, we're all good now)

  12. bruh i got so lucky with todays wordle
    i got it in 2nd try

  13. I’ve always stared with “pears” “light” and “mound” no fails yet

  14. Try favor slimy whack burnt podge (only leaves useless letters)

  15. You should start with lilly, poppy, and daddy

  16. You should start with a grinch wordle stink, stank, stunk

  17. Can you please start with "stare" and "raise I like starting with them because the have at least 2 vowels

  18. You should start with my brothers 2 first words wich are "BLAST" and "LOUIS

  19. My friend always starts with TEDDY and then BEARS

  20. Me,my dad and my mom love your channel but we also really like Wordle quordle needle + but for For any of them we ALWAYS start with alien,storm and ducky

  21. Wordle 315 6/6








    Wasn't paying much attention today, but I still got it.

  22. Hi! I know I’ve requested this a few times already, but I really recommend you start with SMART, and HOUND. I watch your videos every day and they help get a lot better at thinking about the puzzles, so thanks so much!

  23. i usually start with “nasty” and follow with “liver” but i switched it up today, started with “liver” and got it in two!!

  24. Could you start with my starters, HOUSE and TRAIN

  25. Do Fancy-Farts-Parts-Darts-Farts-Parts

    My brother did it on his first wordle ever

  26. Nice, kind of stumped me because Larva has 2 spellings (larvae). As a Mario fan, I usually do PEACH, STORY, and FUNGI. They’re all somewhat Mario related, and they all use unique letters 🙂

  27. I got all of the 'ordles today – they were all tough as hell – hope you got them as well, Scott!

    Also, I'm kinda sad you never used 'draft' when the NFL draft was going on.

  28. I lost a basketball game and it made me suggest to start with “start” and “ended”

  29. As tomorrow is 1st may, can you start with “FIFTH” and “MONTH”

  30. My math teacher Mr. Craine is a big fan of you so in honor of him could you start with CRANE? Thanks man!

  31. I got it in six thankfully my next to last guess, lavra, whatever that is, gave me all the letters but had the v and r in the wrong spot, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have got it

  32. I got this on the 6th attempt and start with fling and wordy

  33. Day 36 of asking Scott to start with tubes, fling, champ, wordy it gives you all common letters

  34. Can you please use my personal starting word, roate

  35. Try starting with my 3 words ideal

  36. On the topic of dads, you should try the family start in some wordle: mommy, daddy, child

  37. So funny. I had that exact same experience. Got the AR and an L. It was so tricky

  38. Can you please do Audio and Enjoy as starting words?

  39. I was expecting this to start with daddy XD

  40. I used to go with “ready”, “moist” and “pluck” waayy to often, but they’re good!

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