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Solving #Wordle #281 for Sunday, March 27th.

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  1. Everytime I think he is done he keeps pulling out more random candy. You really are a candy lover haha

  2. Ya it was nymph
    Because I also did the 27march and in the end it was nymph so it was on science I was like what the

  3. After there was no vowels when I did it I was thinking it will be thought but u guessed it easily

  4. Funny story. I got this on the first try. On Friday and Saturday I chose NYMPH as a joke. My friend texted me on Sunday that he just laughed at the days wordle.

  5. Four words in this order march, party, nymph and mound

  6. I don’t know how I got it so easily I don’t even know how I knew nymph was a word

  7. i always start with quick fjord waltz gyres and nymph. but i didnt do that days wordle 🙁

  8. Wordle 284 6/6

    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 man fuck

  9. You Should Use "Straw" Berry "Fruit" Snack "Yummy". Very Tasty!

  10. This is a gross word-

    The definition of Nymph is a Baby Cockroach

  11. I challenge you to use the word right because you have never been wrong

  12. How the f*** you guess every time correct

    You r sus bro let me tell u

    Not a hater
    But seriously

  13. Somehow I got this in only 4 even though I suck at wordle

  14. Got this second try with NASTY as my starter (don't ask)

  15. This wordle was a little tricky but I actually got it third try I did uraei, stomp, then I thought of phymn I just had to rearrange cuz phymn is not a word lol

  16. I went kayaking recently, you should start with “kayak”

  17. next time try first word: Drown and second word:craze

  18. I'm a new subscriber, plz start with pasta, knife, spoon, and phone.

  19. You should try spoil, then trace or crane

  20. I always try crane and get something pls do crane

  21. I got this wordle with a strategy he used on this channel

    Got it 3rd try

  22. I love how he’s munching on different candy the whole time. Nice touch considering the word he started with today

  23. Nymph is actually a word I use commonly when I guess so after guessing your typical “nasty” I found that the “n” and the “y” were apart of it so I tried “nymph” and I got it second try, pretty good luck I guess.

  24. It’s weird because for my march 27 it was hoops 🤔🤔

  25. I always start with “beanie” and it always works 👍🏻

  26. i got this in 4 too! quordle uses nymph in its practice games so i think i was able to think of it more quickly cause of that

  27. I actually managed to get that one before watching this video, I'm so proud of myself! Also, me and my friend like to start with audio as it reveals a lot of vowels.

  28. I somehow got this wordle 2nd try with my standard start of plant. I feel like the last few words have been really hard to get.

  29. This was brutal 😭 first 4 attempts with all the fortune letters and vowels, and all I had was a green N and yellow P. I was just randomly placing letters, and by luck I put Y insted of X as a filler and it hit me

  30. I found this so funny as it is one of the words i start with a lot

  31. Strangely I got it in 4 using nasty liver gumbo, great technique

  32. try vozhd, waqfs, jumpy, treck, and bling. Saw it in a tiktok

  33. i was using the fjord, waltz, quick, nymph, gyress method while using this one so i found it quite easily 😂

  34. I used the nymph, fjord, quick, gyres, waltz strat from your past video, so I got it first try!

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