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82 | this challenge nearly made me lose todays wordle

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  2. You don't know chocolate?!?!?!

  3. 1: Cacao is used to make chocolate
    2: If you played Minecraft and was in a Minecraft jungle before, you should know

  4. Cacao is pretty much dark chocolate it is used to make chocolate there are also cacao beans

  5. Cacoa powder its a type of chocolate powder for your info

  6. i want you to try and guess the word but only use the first 5 letters in “Alphebet” the five letter must be in the beginning

  7. Real ones know that eldon had problems with filling his “thalia shaped hole in his heart with 65% cacao”

  8. Cacao is a fruit you need to make cocoa and chocolate

  9. Cacao pod where chocolate is made and I'm from the Philippines so I know what that is

  10. cacao (pronounced cuh-cow) is the seed pod of cacao seeds. the cacao seeds are used to make chocolate. I just knew all of this off the top of my head (yes, i am a nerd)

  11. How could someone don't know cacao when the choclate almost everyone in the world know about it?

  12. Bro doesn't know chocolate.
    First eat the jelly thing in the seeds
    Second Dry the seeds in sun
    Lastly Crush them

  13. Cacao is like raw and unprocessed cocoa beans

  14. Noone cares about your challanges if you quit them half way

  15. The Waffle House Has Found Its New Host

  16. how have hou never looked at the ingrediënts of hot chocolat

  17. Cacao is a tropical fruit that are in pods hanging in trees, they can be made into cacao treats and make natural chocolate by mixing it with sweeteners, and coconut oil commonly found in dense forests

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