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355 | how i accidentally failed today’s #wordle

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  1. I hate it when you miss the key and hit the wrong one.😡

  2. I did the exact same thing with the “Polka” word, I types in polks twice. But srlsy man, I feel so bad

  3. Only 11 days well this has been fun but can’t wait to see that next series

  4. That is really sad, in cases when I misprinted I only got not a word

  5. Hey mate i believe in you. You must make it to the top keep going

  6. Noo I feel so bad, and on mu suggestion too? 😭 (that was me, but I've changed my name and pfp since then)

  7. You made a huge mistake, but saved partially by the fact that you knew what the word was.

  8. Omg you didn't get it even though your the goat at wordle

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