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3 Tips to Always Win in Wordle

Caddell Prep
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Learn the best first 2 words to pick in Wordle every time.
Then find out what the best strategy is for your third word, so you can win in 4 guesses.
Find out what to do if you have a lot of possible answers. Hint: you can check multiple answers at once.


  1. Seems to me to be an inefficient way to play. I rarely need more than four guesses – on a good day, I get it in three. Using up your guesses with letters that have already been eliminated doesn't get you anywhere. Trying the yellow letters in different places, looking for common letter patterns and two letter consonant blends, yields better results.

  2. you have to speak into the mike ……cant hear you

  3. This hint gives you 20 letters: wordy; tubes; champ; fling. This gives you 2 chances to solve.the puzzle.

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