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268 | only using two or three letters in #wordle

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  1. Day 6 of trying to play Wordle using only the first 13 letters of the alphabet: "OK, who took my Z?

  2. I thought you meant words with at least 2 or 3 letters, like that's every word ever

  3. Could you do a challenge only using country or city names? Such as Paris or Italy?

  4. Could you use words that are from chess, like the word 'chess' or the word' queen?

  5. Day 5 of asking for you to do footballers name's!

  6. If you would like my strategy I use "Truck" "devil" & "moans"

  7. Only use the first 13 letters of the alphabet. (Day 6)
    (Day 5 streak)

  8. Can you do overwatch 2 (trace,watch,etc)

  9. Do wordle but evey word you try can have only one vowel(of your choice) 🙂

  10. Just an FYI I know you give spoiler alerts beforehand but the thumbnail is also a spoiler

  11. Start with a random word and if you get a green/yellow don't use that one on your next guesses. Day 4

  12. Day 1 of asking to use sport words. Example: Rugby

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