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265 | playing #wordle with a random word generator

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  1. Try the alphabet backwards and using the letters to begin a word… if that makes sense

  2. Try using words that have 2 or 3 different letters in them

    Example: xylyl

    Also, early gang

  3. Day 4

    Use Crave,demon and penis in this order

  4. day 13? of asking for lego words ( i do not know how many times ive asked for this)

  5. Wow you didnt got any colors on the first 2 words but i just did a only green letters challenge

  6. Day 1 asking for you to do roblox characters: noobs guest and bacon

  7. Only use the first 13 letters of the alphabet. (Day 3)
    (Day 2 streak)

  8. Day 1 for asking for playing wordless but the guess are in alphabetical order

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