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237 | can I get #wordle with one word

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  1. yo can you do adieu and rocky for the starting word?
    side note: do ghost or flame if you need more letters

  2. There's basically a website that tell you what tomorrow wordle answer is

  3. You should do Lucky because you might just get livky

  4. i bet they looked ahead and found the word

  5. DAY 50 LETS GO for words start with f
    Day 44 streak

  6. Hi I’m just about to go to school

  7. Why didn’t I see this before I did wordle like 5mins ago😂

  8. day 2 of asking to use lego words next

  9. Day 9 of asking for recess related items

  10. i bet you the word tomorrow is "drive" if you dont believe me try it

  11. I actually had my mind blown watching this. Upsetting that they just cheated

  12. My friend did this,and we were hosting a wordle competition my friend guessed beans and it actually worked in the class started freaking out

  13. He probably cheated the sistem by setting the word

  14. I know how to figure out all the Wordle answers

  15. This is really dumb. There's a wordle leak where there are the words for every day so that is not a guess from the commenter.

  16. I have actually done that before the word was “whose”

  17. Prime was my first guess ever in squordle and it was right :D, I couldn't even tell I got it right, because I still didn't know how the game worked.

  18. The entire wordlist is in the source. It’s very easy to know what the word for a given day is.

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