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233 | backwards words in #wordle

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  1. FYI a glyph is essentially an image or mark meant to communicate something. For example, a letter is a type of glyph, an emoji is a glyph, biohazard, poison and other warning symbols are glyphs.

  2. Do start with these words – Slate, Opium, Drown and Lynch, And guess it in the last 2 tries.

  3. Hey Voidzy, I love your videos and your an awesome YouTube, so since your a really cool YouTube. For the next worldle do what you want to do or do your favorite words/things. 😊

  4. Day 46 for words start with f
    Day 40 streak

    Todays wordle is tough

  5. I doubt you’ll go far just using palindromes.

  6. wait,…you haven't heard of the word "glyph"?

  7. I learned today that bully spelled backwards is bully

  8. so you haven't heard the word but know the answer… something sus right here🥴

  9. What kind of five letter word doesn't have vowels

  10. Day five of asking for recess related items

  11. I once got it in 2 tries and 3 tries, Im no pro though.

  12. Glyph is a type of image and you can find it in the word hieroglyphs

  13. But the last two aren't spelled the same…

  14. Bully spelt backwards is yllub
    Glyph backwards is hpylg

  15. why is the date on the screen in the biggening is my birthday

  16. Bully and Glyph are spelled the same backwards? Bro….

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