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207 | board games in #wordle

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  1. challenge complete wordle using sports names

  2. I clutched todays wordle!


    Thats was a hard wordle!

    Day 20 for words start with f
    Day 14 streak yea 2 weeks not bad

  3. Wordle challenge dont use black letters when you incorrect word in 3 words

  4. Try to not guess the word (a 'try to fail' challenge) but you are not allowed to use the same word over and over again, you have to use vowels, you cannot use the same letter at the same spot over and over again unless it is in the correct spot or it's just not possible to not do it, so basically you have to fail while still trying ( i hope you know how I mean that )
    This also does not count to the challenge "play Wordle every day until I fail" for obvious reasons

  5. Day 1 of asking to use colours

    Let me know if he already has

  6. Day 24 of asking for stead womby chirp and flung for the first words

  7. Day 21 of asking you to start with flute, sword, chank, and pigmy

  8. Can you please do words that start with sto and sti?

  9. Try to solve with only using one vowel per word

  10. i wouldnt be surprised if he read the dictionary everytime before sleeping

  11. I use words


    Sometimes super good and other time was super bad

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